Finish it Friday – “If I were a car I’d be…”


That’s right people, if I were a car I’d be Bumblebee, from Transformers, the new movies.  Because seriously that is one HOT car and also he TALKS WITH HIS RADIO!  There’s seriously nothing cooler than talking with your radio.  (ps. the coolness does not reside in the make of car – if said car does not talk through it’s radio it’s as lame as Donald Trumps comb-over).

A few years ago that absolutely would not have been my answer.  Up until the night that Corey introduced me (read: he had to beg and bribe me to even watch it the first time) to Transformers my answer would not have been a car.  I’d have informed you that there is nothing cooler than a Chevy Silverado Thunder Special edition truck*.  It’s big, and beefy and sleek.  And while the human version of me doesn’t want to be big and beefy, the auto-mobile version does.

Then I met Bumblebee – it was love at first sight.  The car is yellow and black, it’s still beefy it’s just in a streamlined way and did I mention he TALKS WITH HIS RADIO – I wouldn’t have to be mute!  This is a key feature for me.  He’s just all sorts of awesome, and this post has confirmed that I’m all sorts of geek.

So, that being said…

If you were a car/truck, what would you be?


*I still adore that particular truck, but since meeting Bumblebee it’s moved down a few notches.*

One thought on “Finish it Friday – “If I were a car I’d be…”

  1. If I were a car I would be a Mustang Shelby Cobra. They sound amazing, look amazing and well they just are the most amazing sweeeeeeeeeet car around. I would be a convertible (the car is the only that will be taking its top off , lets just get that straight lol). As the car of ya know who, ummm Mom aka Jackie, Grammy… I would sit in the drive way and start up for her. I would purr, rumble and roar my engine just give her that "I can't wait to see you" feeling. The tunes would rock, the wind would blow and everyone would be in my dust because….. I am a Mustang Shelby Cobra hot car with the duel exhausts and hot sweet sounding motor. (oh, just so you know I know nothing about the engine, I just loveeeeeeeeeeeee the sound)

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