Finish it Friday – “On September 11 2001 I was…”

I remember that day so clearly – like the rest of the world.  How could we forget?…

I woke up the morning of September 11th to my Mom barrelling into my room.  I worked that morning, but hadn’t crawled my way out of bed yet.  She was talking about planes, and disaster and come see!   We were supposed to (and did) leave for Mexico 2 weeks later, she said this could change everything and so I went out to look.  The moment froze and it felt surreal.  This couldn’t happen, this wasn’t happening.

Tears filled my eyes as I watched the towers crumble, the people dying trying to get out, ones I’d never met or even thought, reaching out and grabbing hold of my heart.  And the ones running in, the emergency workers, firemen, police officers, willingly handing over their lives and changing the lives of their families forever in hopes of saving even just one – they are the ones I truly cried for.

I went to work that day, but nothing much changed.  There were TVs on, there were tears being shed and it felt like the entire world held it’s breath as we waited for more.  More attacks, more answers, more retribution, more something.

Because of that day 2,996 people died, including the 19 hijackers and 2,977 victims – for what?  Nobody accomplished anything more than useless death.  When the towers crumbled it was expected that so would one of the world’s strongest countries, but they didn’t.  As each plane hit it’s intended target a resounding “NO” was heard around the world.  “NO” – we will not take this lying down!  “NO” – we will not forget the ones who’ve died and “NO” – you have not won!

For as long as I live I won’t forget that day.  I won’t forget the people I will never know, I won’t forget the lives that were forever changed and I won’t forget to stop, and say a prayer – a prayer of thanks, for the safety of my family, for the joy of living in a place like Canada, where we stand up for and walk beside our neighbours and for living next to a country that defined survival.

So,  join me for an extra special Finish it Friday, and tell us all –

“On September 11th 2001 I was…”