Thankful – The point form edition

I’m so thankful:

– for the wonderful weekend we had with our family! (Thanks Mom, John, Travis and Wyatt for venturing out)
– that my Mom and Dad, Little G and Wife were at dinner last night too – things always feel better when they are there
– for the two beautiful little girls I get to call mine!
– for a husband who tolerates my moodiness before a big weekend like this, and loves me even when there is snot dripping from my nose
– that the cold I’m currently sporting held off until last night to really sink it’s teeth in.
– for a turkey that was thawed in time to cook it (unlike two years ago when I spent and hour trying to convince the icy bird to just loosen up a little and MELT!)
– for a home that’s warm, safe and dry
– for walks along the river, fresh air and exercise
– for Starbucks, because, well duh!
– for laughter – courtesy of the insanity that is Travis, and the things said in innocence that I found intensely funny and completely crude (thanks for making me laugh so hard my stomach ached Wyatt)
– for rainy holiday Mondays that allow for yoga pants and t-shirts, and don’t require any cosmetic application
– for a whole bunch of other stuff that I can’t think of right now.
– mostly for a God who is great! Who is all seeing, all knowing, all powerful. For the gift of salvation and the reassurance of heaven. And that even when I so desperately want control, I don’t have it. It’s in His hands we are safe!

This weekend was wonderful. We missed the family who couldn’t be here, but had such a wonderful time together. It’s being together, laughing together, eating too much food together that reminds me that life’s not always so hard. That busy can stop for just awhile and that we are so very and truly blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

*Also, I sucked at taking photos this weekend.  Sometimes I think when we have our family around we should hire someone to follow us around and take photos:-)

2 thoughts on “Thankful – The point form edition

  1. um, little G and wife? Do I need to get updated??! Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving! We also did, even though my cold didn't wait until today to show up. I am so thankful for grandparents who help out and cook meals too!

  2. Thank you soooo much for the hospitality and food. And most of all for being such a blessing to our family. we love you all and Wyatt says he enjoyed shooting paint balls, and of coarse the potatoes……Mashed….They were so great… We love you all so much, Love John/grandpa, Mom/grandma, Uncle Wyatt & Uncle Travis 🙂

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