Finally, Halloween is over

I really don’t like Halloween.  The ghoul, the scary, the gross and the candy all add up to annoyance for me.  Add to that I HATE dressing up and you’ve got a perfect mix for a grumpy Mommy.

At the pumpkin patch.  Basically I fell about Halloween the way Audrey looks.

However, our girls LOVE to dress up.  They wanted to participate, and I wanted to make them happy.  Corey and I talked quite a lot about how we felt about Halloween, the fact that so much of the day is centered on Satan and all things against what we believe.  We also talked about how we let our girls dress up 364 days of the year, why exclude one?  And that a day is only what you make it to be and Satan is only as powerful as you allow him to be and in this house Jesus reins supreme and that means Satan is powerless.

Bethany LOVED the dress up clothes at the pumpkin patch, and Audrey did too.  I just only managed to capture her less than happy faces.

So, we did a brain storm.  Taking the girls out trick or treating meant exposing them to things we want to avoid (read: the guys down the street had fake bodies hanging in their garage) and I wasn’t down with that.  We thought and we talked and then it dawned on me.  We’d throw a family friendly costume party!  No scary, lots of costumes, candy pot luck and fun!

It worked out wonderful!  Everyone had a great time, every kid went home with a bag of candy and none of the parents had to worry about the negative part of the day.  It was perfect and we will definately be doing it again next year!

All cute pictures aside, I’m thrilled that it’s over.  I’m over the moon that we’re in November and I’m loving the fact that next up is Christmas!

ps. We have tons of photos of the evening, but since they feature children who aren’t mine I won’t be sharing them here.  It’s about respecting privacy but if you were in attendance and want to see them, email me and I’ll send them through

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  1. they were both soooooooooooooo very cute!!!!!! You did a great job of the party and of the many kids and fun going on. 🙂 Love ya Mom

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