Pedicure Virgin

Up until today, I was pedicure virgin.  Oh, I’d given many a pedicure back in my day working at the Pharm, but never had I received one.  That all changed today because I had my first professional pedicure.  I’m pretty sure, today I also had a teeny taste of what heaven will be!

My Christmas gift, last year from a very good friend of mine was a pedicure and paraffin dip at Undine’s Retreat Day Spa with her.  We’ve been planning to get it done for almost a year now, and every time we’ve booked an appointment we’ve had to reschedule.  Until today.

We were pampered, my feet were given more attention in the span of an hour than they’ve had probably in the span of my lifetime.  There was soaking and rubbing, buffing and polishing – all topped off by soft leather recliners and a chocolate treat at the end.

It was the day to end all days, and it was amazing.

Life has been crazy, everything has felt hard, I’m struggling big time with some things and each day has brought more pressure, more stress, more I can’t do it moments.  But today the girls slept in till 7:30, and Corey didn’t have to go to work, and I got a pedicure, and we watched a movie all snuggled up together as a family and all of a sudden, at least for today – life didn’t feel so hard.

Thank you Kelly for a great treat!  And thank you God for a great family and day!

If you live anywhere in the Fraser Valley I highly suggest you check out and book in at Undine’s Retreat Day Spa.  I know today’s visit is the start of many for me!

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  1. Oh my goodness Ashley – I soooo relate to how you are describing your days, and how you're feeling. I am feeling the same way. You are NOT the only one! We should totally have a phone get-together and encourage each other. I am so glad to hear that you've had a reprieve today – I have come to really believe (rather than just trying to sympathize with those others who have them all the time!) that these days are gifts from the Lord to keep us going. I hope you get a great night sleep and that you feel refreshed and ready to take on what tomorrow has in store 🙂

    We should talk!
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