It’s 5 Different Things!

ps. This totally isn’t on the list but I adore watermelon!

So most of the time I like to be an individual.  I hate following the crowd (except on public walk ways and streets, then I do it so I don’t get a ticket. Or killed. Or a dirty look from the old lady with the rat dog), in fact I quite often in my youth did things differently just so that I wasn’t following the crowd.  I speak my mind, I go  my own path and I’m stubborn to a very large fault sometimes.

However, every once in a while I see something someone else has done and I think “I want to do that!”  I mean I can’t pioneer everything myself right? Some things are worth repeating, some people are flattered by it and it’s not like I’m doing something creepy like getting plastic surgery to be their twin or anything. (That is creepy beyond creepy…I shouldn’t watch those kind of shows)

Anyway, I saw this post Angella and Jen both did, inspired by something learned at Blissdom (which I didn’t get to attend this year.  But I’d really like to next year.  But I’m way to chicken to do alone so I probably wont) it’s a 5 Different Things post and I LOVED IT!

NaBloPoMo usually kicks my creative juices in the nuts and I’m left with pain and drool by this point so I figure hey, why not pull out the big guns and join the fun.  And besides since the post is 5 different things about me and not about them, it’s not really the same anyway.

Five things you don’t (or maybe you do) know about me

1. I hate the feeling of whipped cotton: You know the cotton material that so many baby things are made out of that is super soft and fluffy, extra soft.  Something like a bunch of pulled apart cotton balls?  I hate it!  It feels like it snags on my finger tips and makes me want to grind my teeth – badly.  Also any baby gift we received of that material was gratefully received but never used by me.  I was afraid I’d want to drop my kid on the floor if I picked her up and felt any such thing.

2. I love the smell of Marigolds: Totally I do!  Most people plant them to keep the slugs out or some such nonsense, but I plant them for the smell.  I love other flowers (Roses Corey, ROSES) for in the house or for looking at but I ♥ the smell of my marigolds.

3. I put ketchup on  my Caesar salad: Don’t knock it till you try it.  It’s good, excellent even.  Just be warned when you try it and like it, there are times a server will look at you with disgust when you ask for a side of ketchup with your salad.

4. I can’t stand “LOL”: You’ll notice I rarely, if ever “LOL” anything.  It seriously annoys me.  One because the first thing my brain says, every. single. time is “L-awl”.  And more importantly it’s over used.  99% of people do NOT Laugh Out Loud every single time they “LOL” thus making it a lie.  It’s over used and it annoys me, and so if I really laugh out loud, I type “LAUGH OUT LOUD” because it’s true.  And if not then I haha, or chuckle.  Because they, do not annoy me.

5. I have no idea how to drive a standard transmission vehicle: This fact appalls my husband.  Now that we once again own a vehicle with a standard transmission he is threatening lessons.  I had a bad experience in my dating years (with a guy who’s not Corey), where I stalled it once, he kicked me out of the car, left me on a dark corner at night, while he went for a drive to cool off….kinda killed the self-confidence on that one and I never learned.  I however completely understand the principle of how it works because I Googled it and because I’m married to Corey.

Five Things I’m Knowledgable

1. My Girls – This is another copy because it’s true.  They are half of me, some days I think they are all of me.  I carried them in my body, I’ve held them while they cried, tickled them till their laugh was silent and watched them grow.   I know the things they love and the things they hate, I know their hearts and I’d like to think I hold them.  Nobody on the face of this earth knows these two little girls like I do, and for that I’m ever thankful.

2. Knitting – I learned to knit when I was 5 and I’ve spent the past 23 years practicing.  I can knit simple sweaters or intricate blankets, I purl, knit and slip stitch without looking and can completely watch TV, carry on a conversation or answer the phone without missing a stitch.

3. List making/organizing  I know how to make lists and plan events.  Organize calendars and closets.  I like a smooth running ship and I tend to keep it that way, and while there may be a little clutter around (because I have children and a husband, who both keep my hopping and leave their own “piles” of stuff behind) we have an organized house.

4. Corey’s tickle spots – Dude is seriously ticklish and I can catch him at the perfect moment every time.  I then get him laughing too until that point where he begs for mercy or almost stops breathing.  It makes me happy.

5. Saving Money – I am cheap frugal by nature.  I hate spending money on things unnecessarily, in fact I hate spending money.  I search flyers, use coupons and each month I save us a lot of money on our grocery bill.  I learned to live on a tight budget when I was single and I still keep it that way.   That’s not to say I won’t/don’t buy the things that we need or sometimes want that are expensive but we do talk about them for more than 24 hours before we do and I always look for the best deal possible.

Five Things I know nothing about:

1. The way God works: I’ve been a follower of Jesus for longer than I can remember and I’ve spent countless hours in church and in my bible.  And while I believe the things I know (see below) with all my heart I have no clue how God works.  He planned it that way and I know it, but sometimes it kinda drives me mental.

2. Changing a Tire: Nobody ever showed me how, again I Googled it but somehow I don’t think that would count.  It’s another thing on Corey’s “To Teach The Wife” list, right after driving a standard and before reasons not to tickle me when I’m eating.

3. Doing a Hand Stand – totally can’t do it.  I’ve tried until my head hurt but I still can’t figure out how to get my legs to stay up in the air.

4. Paintballing – Why the heck anyone wants to go run around a big field being chased by another guy who’s carrying a gun that will shoot stuff that hurts at you is beyond me.  I don’t know how to shoot a gun, I don’t know what  you call all the ugly gear they wear and I don’t for the life of me know why a person would choose that kind of pain.  At least when I gave birth I got a baby at then end.

5. Boys –  I know a million things about my husband but there are still so many things about him that are innately male that totally baffle me.  I also didn’t have sons so the whole concept of boys leaves me at a loss.

5 Things I Believe

1. There is only One God – He was born, He died on a cross and He rose again.  He did all that for me, and I don’t deserve any of it.  He did it for you, and believe it or not you don’t deserve it either.  But salvation, freedom, heaven – it’s all yours if you choose to believe in Him.  And for the life of me I can’t think of one reason why anyone wouldn’t want the forgiveness and freedom that He has to give!

2. Starbucks is Life – Ok so not actual life (see #1) but second to it.  Their tea is amazing, they have rewards cards, they do Christmas up awesome and in comparison they make Tim Horton’s totally look lame. (Sorry Corey, I love you anyways!)

3. Corey loves me with his whole heart – I doubt a lot of things in life.  Myself, my appearance, safety and decisions.  But never, not once have I ever thought that Corey didn’t love me.  While things aren’t always roses (because to say they are would be a lie, in any marriage) there is always love, true, unconditional and tear inducing love.  And also, I love him back, exactly the same way.

4. Good friends are treasures – I’m not the sort of girl who has 400 “close” friends.  I am the sort of girl who has a few very close friends I cherish very much.  I have one friend in particular who is my “heart friend” she is the friend who’s been by my side since we were 2, and I believe God made us to be forever friends and I treasure that.

5. There is no chocolate better than Cadbury’s Dairy Milk –  There isn’t.  Don’t argue.  It won’t end well.

And that’s all I’ll write.  Some of those things you may have known, some of those things your probably didn’t, and some of those you could care less about.  But it’s my 5 things and it’s also day #5 done!

2 thoughts on “It’s 5 Different Things!

  1. Good list! I agree with Starbucks 🙂 It is my sanity in a cup! Lots of those made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! You're a great lady I've enjoyed getting to know you in blogging land and seeing you in Toys R' Us… actually that makes me sound creepy! But you did tell me that you saw me too so maybe it makes it less creepy! Keep on going with your blogging this month!!! I may not comment every day but I definitely enjoy reading it every day!

  2. YOU PUT KETCHUP ON YOUR CAESAR SALAD? I can't. I just can't do that.

    I know how to drive a standard – I had a standard for quite a few years – but Noah doesn't know how at all.

    I don't know how to knit, but I want to learn!

    I suck at saving money.

    Loved this post!

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