Here in this Place

Last night I went to a concert.  I don’t do that often.  But last night my Mom and I ventured out to a concert featuring Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battistelli and Adam Cappa – the tickets were her birthday gift but if we’re being honest, last night was a gift for me too.

Anytime you fill a building with believers the presence of God is powerful.  It isn’t that He’s not present when you’re home alone, He’s always present.  But the fact is, when a room full of people are crying out and worshipping God – big things happen.

The night was amazing, from the way God lined up a security guard to help my Mom and I with a potentially dangerous situation, to an opportunity to pray for a family member who God was begging us to lift up to Him last night, to the conversations that we had to, from and during the evening.

But these three songs are what left me so impacted.  Listen, you’ll see why.


2 thoughts on “Here in this Place

  1. Ashley, I had a wonderful time. One of the things that overwhelmed me last night and I just couldn’t tell you because well the water works that were already there would have been more!!! 🙂 It hit me in a real way last night that you are not only my amazing beautiful perfectly designed Daughter, but my sister because of what Jesus did. His gift of grace, mercy and love at the cross and through the break out of death through his resurrection we have even more.. we have eternity to share too! It was a beautiful gift for my birthday in the concert was amazing, but that there was a revelation of our faith in Jesus Christ. Not only as mother and daughter, but as the “King’s Kids”. I love you and count your faith in our Heavenly Dad as a blessing in my life. He uses you to teach me in many ways. Thank you for being you, and for your constant faith in Him who gave us each other. I love you dear.

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