The last 52 hours

The last 52 have been slightly crazy.

The girls and I along with my Mom, loaded into her truck and went to Langley. We shopped, we stayed in a hotel, we got up early (goodmorning 5AM!), we caught a ferry.

We celebrated my Grammie’s 90th birthday, we visited, the girls met relatives they didn’t know, we colored and stickered, we hit Starbucks – more than once, we laughed, we tantrumed (yes we), we had a sleep over at Auntie Mary and Uncle Bills, we ate apples. We did more visiting, some of us who are under 5 did napping, we road another ferry (that was on choppy water and made me want to barf), God cleared the remainder of our trip for me, we drove, they had Wendy’s, and watched Angelina Ballerina.

We got home, we unloaded, we hugged Corey, we hugged Mom. There was bathing, and crying, and stories and singing.

Now there’s sleeping and resting and aaaahhhhing.

I’m tired. I think, tonight I’m allowed.

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