To Clean or not to Clean

Today I should totally be cleaning my house.  It’s Friday and around these parts Fridays (sometimes Thursday night) is deep clean day.  It usually takes me 5 hours with kids (3 hours without) to put away clutter, change sheets, do more laundry, clean bathrooms, dust, organize stuff, vacuum, and wash floors.

I always drag my butt getting started, it’s a lot of work and often times all I can think about is how long 5 hours really is.  Then I start, the time starts zipping by and then next thing you know it’s over.  My house is clean and I’m glad it’s cleaning day Friday.

A dirty house frustrates me, I can’t sit still and I end up puttering all day.  It makes me not want company, get distracted playing with our kids and over all makes a cranky Mommy.  (note: that DOES NOT mean that we don’t have clutter.  We have clutter, often a lot of clutter!) We sweep floors, do dishes and other chores continually through the week, but the big deep clean is only a once a week deal.  It makes me feel better,  and while it may make me a dork I love seeing fresh vacuumed lines on my carpet.

Even more, I love lighting a bunch of candles once the cleaning is over and the girls are in bed, and then sitting down to enjoy the clean peace.

Today, I’m contemplating boycotting cleaning day.  I’d just rather not.  Due to the snow yesterday Corey isn’t going to work today which means we get 2 bonus families days this week (Yay for more Corey time!  Boo for slow work).  We’re going for lunch with my parents, my Dad just got back from a “Hunking” trip (hunting, but Audrey gets her words mixed up) and we all want to see them.  Then all us girls are going to the Christmas craft fair, and of course there will be Starbucks after because, well – Starbucks!

And then I might come home and clean, or I might not.  I haven’t decided.  My inner stubborn/compulsive nature makes me feel the need to do it.  My outer throbbing hip and lazy mommy wants to leave the dirt on the floor one more day.

We’ll just have to see what the day brings.  I know that the world won’t stop turning if my house is messy, I also know that it won’t kill me to leave it.  But it just might drive me through the roof entirely.