They don’t call me Magoo for nothin’

My nickname from my Mom is Magoo.  As in Mr. Magoo.  Years and years ago, when I was a little girl I was unbelievably and ridiculously slightly clumsy.  I bumped into tables and people, tripped over air and walked into closed glass doors.  If I were to be put in an empty room, in a matter of minutes I’d go to leave the room and manage to smash into the door frame on the way out.  Grace I did not have, there was no sense of caution and speed was always a factor.

They chalked it up to my feet growing faster than the rest of me, the fact that I’m impatient and did everything quickly – they thought I’d grow out of it.

That was a mistake.  Here I am 20 something years later and I’m just as clumsy as before.  I did grow into my feet (which have shrunk from a 10 to a 9…weird), I haven’t slowed down one bit because life is too busy and there is somuchtodoIcantevenaddaspaceinthissentencesoHURRYUP, and I still have shins that are a permanent collage of black, blue and green.  No matter how much I try it doesn’t go away, and I’ve given in to the fact that Magoo is more of a definition than it is a term of endearment.

Which is why I shouldn’t have been surprised that my daily workouts eventually lead to an injury, but I was.  I am careful, I read instructions, follow directions and do each exercise slowly and cautiously at first.  But that didn’t stop me from injuring my piriformis muscle, on the interior portion of my hip.  It’s all swollen and pushing on my sciatic nerve causing all sorts of pain and complaining.

After 4 weeks of suffering and hoping it would go away, I went to the doctor.  He diagnosed the injury and then informed me that it takes time, a “LONG” time to heal (awesome, thanks) and that exercise and stretching could help (awesome again, but without the sarcasm), after a LONG time.

Sometimes I wish I was born with the elegance of a swan.  I wish I didn’t randomly smack into objects, I wish I wasn’t born with the superhuman ability to stub my toe on a corner in an oval room, sometimes I wish I came with bumper pads.

But I didn’t, so I guess I’m left to “be more careful”, “slow down” and all the other blah, blah, blah I hear every day.  I didn’t get the nickname Magoo for nothing, and apparently it’s not something you just grow out of.

Are you clumsy or graceful?