Skin Baby

Audrey is my skin baby.  From the very first time I held her in my arms she has soughtout skin, whether it’s a little bit of the skin on my arm or the side of my cheek she’ll find and nuzzle into my warm skin.

I can remember her being about 2 weeks old and I was rocking her in the middle of the night.  She wouldn’t settle and as we rocked, me bundled into my housecoat and her swaddled in a blanket, I wondered if sleep would ever come.  Then my housecoat shifted open some, and I lifted her to my shoulder, totally unaware that it was my skin she was seeking.  No sooner did her little face rest on my bare should than she passed right now.

Almost 3 years later and nothing much has changed.  She still loves my skin, almost to the point of annoying.  If we’re snuggling at bedtime she’ll slid her hand up my sleeve to my wrist or put it on my cheek.  In the morning, while I’m in my workout tank she’ll rub her face against my bare arm.  And often, very often through out the day, whether we’re at work or at home, she’ll come snuggle up beside me and press her face into my arm.

Now that she’s older, when she presses her face against my arm she’ll mumble “Mama, soooo soft” and my heart melts.  She doesn’t do this with Corey.  She doesn’t do it with Bethany, sometimes she’ll do it with my Mom, it is almost primarily reserved for me.

I know she’ll grow up fast, I know this too is something she won’t do at 16, and there are times I’m grateful for that (because my arm will actually get sore from the pressing and pulling) but mostly I know I’ll miss it.

For now though, she’s my skin baby and my littlest girl.

One thought on “Skin Baby

  1. My daughter enjoys my skin as well, but it is my stomach that she wants. When it is nap time, she takes off a sock and puts her "foot on button." Which is really just setting her foot on my stomach. Other times throughout the day her little hands find their way to my stomach. Sometimes she will just walk over, put her hand on my stomach for a couple of seconds, and then she will walk away. I call it a drive by buttoning. She is three and this has been going on for as long as I can remember.

    Sometimes it is hard because we will be out in public and I don't want my shirt lifted up for every stranger to see. And one time she accidentally put her hand on the button of a stranger (she hadn't been playing close enough attention and thought it was me). Overall, I like it because, like you, I don't know how long it will last. But sometimes I really wish my stomach was my own.

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