– I woke up at 5:15am, 5 minutes before my alarm went off to Bethany crawling into bed, the intensely LOUD howling wind outside had woken us both up

– 5 minutes later the power went out

– 30 minutes later Audrey came down the hall, glowsticks in hand (all we saw were moving lights)

– I missed my morning workout which always leaves me annoyed

– I spent the following hour checking the internet on the wonder phone for power outage updates with BC Hydro and weather reports

– Still no power we got up and got dressed in the dark

– I put make-up on by flashlight (and didn’t look ghoulish when I saw my face in real light!)

– We looked out the window and discovered the wind had decided to throw our glass patio table against a fence and smash it

– I learned that opening a garage door without power is a two step process, pull the cord THEN lift the door (Thanks Dad!)

– Bethy missed school due to power outage

– We discovered that wasn’t so bad, since Bethany is getting a cold and has pink eye

– I had Starbucks because I had to battle the day somehow

– We worked, we laughed, we ate mini sandwhiches

– We came home with a new Christmas movie

– Kids were bathed, snuggles were had, then some dinner

– I did never ending errands

– My leg/hip is burning beyond description and walking is getting to look quite awkward

– Then they went to bed, I stole an extra snuggle and few more kisses

– I ate a salad

– And aaaahhhh

Today felt like it kicked my butt.  It wasn’t that bad, but it felt long.  Now I want another tea and some sleep.  Here’s hoping tomorrow comes with light.

2 thoughts on “Today….

  1. I was tired just reading the 5:15 AM part. UGH. I do not do 5am…unless I absolutely have to to catch a flight.

    That storm was crazy…my work server went down because of it – it is located at SFU.

    Hope today is much, much better!
    Kami recently posted..Someone, Who is Awesome,

  2. That sucks about the power but extra snuggles and the visual I get of Audrey with glow sticks coming down the hall makes 5am seem a little bit bearable… Starbucks was definitely a good call… and maybe a few times over as well… I'm glad the day got better!

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