Dear Starbucks…

Dear Starbucks,

You make my day.  If my morning’s been long, or my power’s been out, I plan a visit to you.  If grocery shopping is in order and rain is pouring (snow falling/sun shining/stars twinkling…you get it) I swing on by.  My travel mug is always in tow, and once in a while I even go for a paper cup because I can.

I have my favourite mug at home and it bears your name, when I can’t get out to visit you in person, I pull a little taste of you out of the tin in my cupboard.  My day is made significantly better by you being in it, and while some may say that’s sad I say, who cares!  You have healthy treat options and little cups for my girls.  Your employees are the best in the business (except that nasty girl who works at the one down town.  She’s only mean to me, and I’m nice to everyone in a Starbucks uniform! and that time she physically threw the cookies at me kinda made me not like her.  She’s not the best) and they remember what I like to drink, that Bethany is 4 and that Audrey is shy.

Your rewards program makes me giggle and I’m anxiously awaiting my personalized card in the mail – I of course will Instagram it the moment it arrives.

I’m not the only one who has deep affections for you, my children do as well.  My mother is a frequent, my mother-in-law survives the freezing temperatures of the north by making a stop or 40 in a shop in  her town and my husband hoards his Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, something like a puppy and a BIG bone.

You’ve been the star of a few OFS Giveaways and will be sure to be the head of a few more. You know I love you, my wallet and your bank account prove it.

Now if only you would start delivering, we might be able to take our relationship to the next level.  Let’s work on that!

Thank you dear Starbucks for all your soothing, healing, tummy filling warmth, you truly make my day.

With all my love,

Ashley “Sbucks” Stone

One thought on “Dear Starbucks…

  1. That is the best letter. 🙂 I really agree on the delivery idea, I now take my wonderful starbucks mug with me on my walks and try to end my workout part of the walk at starbucks and walk home with mug full and steamy hot. Thanks again for the mug, it is sooo great, it kept my tea hot for 4hrs. on my drive to meet John in Cache Creek last weekend. Luv you all, God bless, Love Mom Kimmie

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