What I know – In Point Form

We are still in Abbotsford hospital with Audrey. Due to the fact that I’m tired and the information is basic, it’s coming point form tonight, the whole story will come once this is over and we are home.

– Since yesterday Audrey’s breathing has improved significantly. While she still gets winded when she stands or moves around too much, the worst of the croup sound is gone.

– She has had 2 nebulizer treatments today and of the 7 she’s had in the past 48 hours these two worked the best. The last one I managed to get done while she was sleeping and her breathing has eased again.

– Audrey has now aquired a runny nose and a new cough, that is gross sounding. I am guessing it’s the cold that caused the croup taking hold, but only time will tell.

– They did another chest x-ray today. We didn’t hear anything about it, so we are hoping it looked good.

– We only saw the covering Pediatrician this morning, our Dr.H will be in tomorrow to tell us what’s next.

– She was diagnosed with another UTI yesterday and I don’t know what that means. It may have been caused by her dehydration from the croup, but all of that, and whatever there is to follow will have to find out tomorrow when I see Dr.H

– Audrey has been a trooper, as always this is hard on her and she’s been brave and good. This afternoon saw some of her personality and attitude coming back, which I was glad to see.

We don’t know everything yet. Tonight will tell how things are going too be, but we do know that she is improving and as always that God is faithful.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please keep praying for:

– a good sleep for all of us tonight
– clear answers from the Pediatrician
– Strength on my part to be able to ask the right questions about what’s happening to our girl
– and of course healing for Audrey.

Thank you so much for all the prayers, support and Facebook messages. They mean more than anyone can know!

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  1. Hey Ashley,

    So sorry you guys are going through this again. I'm here in Abbotsford, if theres anything you need email me and I'll send you my phone number..

    Take care and hope for a speedy recovery for Audrey.

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