Tuesday – Audrey Top to Bottom

Today, like yesterday is going to be featured in point form. I’m not sure how long I have before my brain crashes completely so let’s get down to busniess…

-We are still in Abbotsford hospital tonight. Last night was an improvement from the two previous nights for Audrey but was still hard. She wound up needing an extra breathing treatment just before midnight because the coughing was causing severe gagging and choking for her. It took a few hours to work but once it did she slept much better
– We saw a big improvement in her today. She’s happier and has more energy and while she’s still intensely pale, everyone who saw her today felt like she’s making progress.

-After waiting all day we finally got to see the pediatrician and here is where we sit tonight
– the croup hit her hard (duh) and has hung on pretty tight. It may take awhile for it to completely be gone so tonight we will be switching from the mask nebulizers to a chamber and inhalers so that I can continue treatments at home.
– They still aren’t exactly sure if her UTI is a full blown UTI or something caused by the croup infection. I know her, I’m betting it was a UTI but we are doing a new dip tonight so we’ll see what the results tomorrow show.
– Her blood work from the other night shows that her red blood cell count has once again dropped. While Dr. H wasn’t sure exactly what her numbers were from two weeks ago she is figuring they were pretty close to normal at 120, on Saturday they came back at 97 and she is once again considered anemic
– We are redoing labs in the morning to check blood cell count and condition. One of type of cells was an abnormal size, which happened with the last anemia and had gone away. We need to see what’s up with that and see if her RBC count is still dropping.
– The anemia diagnosis means her immune system has once again been compromised and we have to go back to almost square one on caution again. Depending on tomorrow will depend on how strict we need to be with what she’s exposed to
– Audrey will be back on medicine for at least another 2 weeks at home. Again the length of that may be extended due to results tomorrow.

All being well I hope we are home tomorrow afternoon. Audrey is having a tough time sitting still and needs to. The more she plays the harder it becomes to breath, but being in isolation makes it pretty crappy for her. She’s bored and misses her sister.

Bethany has been a super trooper too. Today was a pretty rough one for her, this is hard, being away from everyone. And while Grammy and Papa rock, there’s no place like home.

Thank you all for the messages, tweets, facebooks and phones, they really are the thing that carries us through. If you’re still praying for us here’s what we’re taking to God tonight
– Thanks for the great improvements and a nursing staff who have been OUTSTANDING!
– That is they are missing something (because something in my gut says they are, it has done since she was sick in April) it will show up tomorrow. If there is nothing there, that I have final peace over it.
– That everyone sleeps tonight
– That things look good tomorrow and if she is safe to be there that we are home

Thank you again everyone! Goodnight.

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  1. We are in constant prayer for you all and believe that what is hidden in the dark will come out into the light. Audrey is under the protection of our Heavenly Father…We really miss you guys and are praying for a peacefull sleep for you all… Hope to hear that you are home tomorrow nite. God bless you all, love John/grandpa & Mom/grandma and Uncle Wyatt.

  2. Thinking of you all and praying that the find the missing link…I am with your gut, there has to be something else going on! Poor little girl.

    Hang in there and here's hoping you can go home today! There really is no place like home.
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