Home – There’s no place like it

We are home.

This has been a roller coaster ride, that isn’t yet over but feels like we’ve all been on for far too long.  I was going to start at the beginning and roll all the way through what has happened, but to be honest I can’t.  It’s long, and drawn out and emotional.

So, here’s the shorter(ish) version

Where we’ve been:

– Friday night Audrey spiked a fever, Bethany had already had a cold with a little fever so I thought maybe the same cold

– Friday later evening Audrey started coughing and wheezing

– Saturday was much the same, horrible coughing/wheezing/fever/crying.  I called the Nurses line to see if I should take her to clinic or emergency because I thought Croup.  The nurse on the phone could hear here in the background, asked if that was her and said either to call 9-1-1 or drive straight to emerg, the was in danger

– A few hours in Emergency saw blood work, nebulizers, a very, VERY sick little girl and a long night

– Sunday afternoon a urine was collected and it was decided we were headed to the hospital in Abbotsford because not only did Audrey have severe croup that needed treating but enlarged red blood cells and another UTI

– Sunday night was horrible again, with IV’s and treatments and a sick/sad little girl

Monday was hard and similar, she was starting to improve but not great.  We didn’t see Dr. H and we waited

Tuesday we made a plan of attack and it was executed…

Here we are…for now:

– Last night was better but long.  Audrey had an inhaler treatment, to see if it would work enough for us to do at home.  It is much faster than the nebulizers and worked quite well.  She slept better, more restful but we got a roommate mid night, which meant I didn’t sleep much

– Audrey’s disposition has improved and she’s a lot more like herself.  Happier, she’s incredibly pale and wears out quickly but at least she’s not so lethargic or having that barking cough any more

– Her blood work came back and unfortunately even though she’s on antibiotics her Red Blood Cell count has still dropped.  She’s now not just a little anemic, she’s really anemic.  Not where she was but the way it looks is like it’s still dropping

– The pediatrician was very, VERY hesitant to let us go home today.  It’s not good that her numbers are going back down, it’s not great that she’s still sick, she’s concerned.  But being in the hospital with a little girl who’s starting to feel better and is in isolation and hating every second of it isn’t fair to her or me.  So she let us go home

– Her RBC are still enlarged and we can’t figure out why.  They were like that in April when this happened the first time, but not because of the usual nutritional issues.  Every test after she came home had shown them back to normal, this is the first time they’ve been abnormal again.

– Her immune system is once again compromised.  Croup is actually just the para-influenza virus (the common cold), it’s just the way it affects different kids.  It causes their air passages and voice box to swell, just like in some adults it causes laryngitis.  Normally it doesn’t even show up in blood work, so the fact that it has is concerning.

– We once again need to cautious of what she’s exposed to.  If a cold has caused this kind of decrease, something more serious could have large consequences.

– We are home on another round of antibiotics for the UTI (which we can’t pin point the cause of) and 5 days of inhalers.

– We need to watch her over the weekend and early next week.  If she doesn’t seem improved or has worsened we have to meet Dr. H at the hospital.  If she seems ok, then we will go two weeks and then meet her there to repeat some blood work.

– None of us are talking about what comes next if the blood work doesn’t look good.

– Bethany is over the moon that we are home.  This has been hard on her and she has been such a brave, sweet little girl.

– My parents as always have been awesome and their help has been invaluable!

– Corey’s worked his butt off at work, and then coming to see us and still managed to make sure we came home to fresh sheets and a tidy house

– I’m done.  My emotional battle over this will have to happen another night because I don’t think I have the ability to keep it all together to  talk about it tonight.

Thank you all again for your prayers and support!  I can’t even begin to tell you what it means to us or how blessed we truly know we are.  We’ll do our best to keep you abreast of what’s happening.  If you are local or planning on visiting us, please make sure you are, to the best of your knowledge healthy.  Audrey can’t afford to get anything else.  Please keep praying and sweet dreams.

3 thoughts on “Home – There’s no place like it

  1. Oh Ashley, you have been so brave and strong for your girl! I am praying and think of you all often throughout the day. Rest up and have a good cry (I have tears for you too!) and keep taking such good care of your girl.

    Kami recently posted..YUM!

  2. I've been thinking of you guys non-stop this week. I am so glad you are home with your family! You are a wonderful mother Ashley! Praying for good results for Audrey!

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