Where I’ve been – The Photo Weight Edition

A little while back I posted about my exercise habits.  About how I love and hate Jillian Michaels, about how sick, injured or exhausted I haul my butt out of bed each morning to sweat all over the floor, about how important I believe exercise is to both a thin/sexy body and a healthy one, about the example I want to set for our daughters.

I have photos of the progression my body has taken over the past 3 years.  I took them for me, I took them for perspective, I took them and I saved them.

Sometimes I struggle with feeling like I look any different from I did the day after I gave birth to Audrey.  Don’t get me wrong, I know I am drastically different in  many ways, I’m healthier, I weigh less, my habits are better, but sometimes I still see the same girl.   My self-esteem sucks in the area of my appearance and it’s a daily, hourly battle.  Honestly.

Corey and I were talking about it the other day, and I said something that was supposed to be a joke, but actually came out as truth.  “My weight, and the way I look is my Kryptonite or the fear of being judged for it is”.  I worry about all sorts of things that are unreasonable.  I know Corey loves me and he thinks my body rocks but I worry that I’ll embarrass him in front of his friends, that they’ll feel sorry for him.  I’m ok with the person I put out there but I’m afraid that people will look at my body and judge it long before they see who lives in it.  I’m afraid that if I ever find the day that I’m “happy” with my appearance I will cross the line into conceited and that would go against everything I believe in.  The list could go on and on and on (and sometimes it does) but I have to fight it.

So, sometimes I look back at those pictures I took.  To put things into perspective, to remind myself how much my hard work has paid off, to see where I’ve been.  Those pictures are mine and they’re private, and I’ve kept them to myself.  Until now.

Someone asked to see them the other day when I was talking exercise and at first I thought “Fat Chance!”  Then I got thinking…maybe I should post them.  Maybe it will be freeing, maybe it won’t.  Maybe it will encourage someone else, maybe it won’t.  Maybe I need to acknowledge where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m going so I can let it go.

So I will.  I might regret it, I might want to take it back, but then if I really do I’m the boss of this blog and I can delete it.  But for now, here’s where I’ve been…

February 2009 – One month after Audrey was born (notice who little B was!)

February 2010 – Changing my eating habits slightly

February 2011 – Eating habits adjusted and exercise started for 2 months

October 2011 – 6 days a week workouts, and healthy eating

And breath!

It’s hard to post those.  To let you see how unfit I was, to look back at them myself.  But it’s also good to see where I’ve landed.  The last photo was 2 months ago and there have been some small changes since then, not much but some.

I need to find the place where I’m happy with me.  I’m not really trying to lose more weight any more, I’m trying to maintain it, I’m trying to be healthy, I’m trying to find happy.  I may not have it all yet today, but I’ll keep trying and one day it’ll come.

8 thoughts on “Where I’ve been – The Photo Weight Edition

  1. Bravo! Standing ovation! For your bravery, for your hard work, for your honesty, for how far you've come. You truly are beautiful in ALL of the photos, Ashley, and you look fantastic now. I hope you can get to the point where you can just enjoy your body for the beauty it holds. You know I have had similar struggles in the area of body image, so it's not as though I've totally gotten to the point of being 100% happy with myself either, but you are AWESOME and beautiful, through and through. Hurrah!
    Amanda recently posted..Mission Accepted

  2. Hey you… you look wonderful. I am proud of you and know that the struggles have been tough. I also know that you have the most amazing self control and discipline of almost anyone I know. Please take time to look into the mirror and see who all the rest of us see. A beautiful woman with a gift of being sincere and honest. One that gives of her heart and love freely. One that is a wonderful wife, mother and daughter. One who has the men’s heads turning in the mall (I see it allllll the time!!!) But most importantly one who shines through her eyes the love of the one she loves more than life itself… our Heavenly Dad… Jesus. Ashley you are so much more than you see. My prayer is one day that you will find the place where you can wake up in the morning….look into the mirror and say Good Morning Ashley, I am glad I AM you.
    Love you so very much my darling daughter.

  3. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? My blog site is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would definitely benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Thank you!
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