On the Good Ship Lollipop

I love that we have little girls.  I would have loved having sons (which isn’t looking like it’s in our future) too, but if honest is honest, I prayed for little girls too.  I love that they play Barbies and wear dresses, that we can french braid and wear pretty clips.  It warms my heart when they want to wear my perfume or watch me put on make-up.

I also love that they play Lego with Daddy and that they know what shocks are, that they each have a RC truck they drive like rock stars and green makes them happy.

It’s so much more than I ever dreamed it would be.

This past few months I introduced my two favourite girls to one of my very favourite girls from my childhood.  To a girl who made me smile, and made me laugh, one who’s songs echo in my memory and who’s movies still warm my soul.  And much to my delight, the introduction went swimmingly.  In fact, our girls fell as madly in love with this little princess as I am and I’m thrilled.

Shirley Temple warmed the hearts of millions of girls when she was young, and has been doing it for years and years.  I’ll never eat an animal cracker without thinking of her and now Bethany skips around the house singing “The Good ship Lollipop” or trying to tap dance.

To our girls Shirley Temple isn’t an American Icon, or a TV star.  She’s a little girl who’s won their hearts and filled their imaginations full greatness.  And snuggling up on the couch watching her, with two sweet little girls of my own makes me so glad that God gave us girls!