Audrey Update – It’s Children’s for us

The past week since Audrey came home from the hospital has been filled with ups and downs.  It’s been riddled with worry and sleepless nights, and it’s been hard.  On all of us.

It’s gone something like this, and be warned it’s gonna be long…

Last Thursday evening, a day after Audrey came home, she threw up horribly after dinner and her medicine.  It was awful, as barfing usually is, and we began to worry.  The pediatrician has warned us from the get go to watch for vomiting.  It can indicate a myriad of other problems, ranging from stomach flu to pending kidney infection.  We weren’t sure if the medicine (which was DISGUSTING and HORRID and I’d like to run the “genius” who decided banana was a good kid medicine flavour over with a giant dump truck) had caused the problem so Friday morning I called our family doctor (because the ped isn’t in on Fridays) to see if he could change it.

Now he’s the sort of doctor, like most in the province who takes a solid two weeks to get in to see.  I called expecting he’d call me back and do a phone prescription change, but as I explained to the receptionist what happened she interrupted and said, “He’s had a cancellation a few minutes go bring her in at 11 and we’ll get it fixed up”.  We had to wait in the a crowded waiting room for 45 minutes and I worried I’d made a mistake bringing her in – she who is to avoid those who are sick, sitting in a room full of sickies.

When we finally got into see Dr. M I unloaded on him.  He looked through reports and lab results and I said the same thing to him I’ve been saying to everyone who’d listen for months “Something is WRONG with her.  I can’t put my finger on it but something is WRONG”.  He looked up at me and he said, “You’re right. Something is wrong, her hemoglobin has never come back up to normal, her new red blood cells aren’t where they should be.  You should be worried, you need to see someone at Children’s.

I could have cried.

On one hand I was so glad to have affirmation that I wasn’t the only one seeing what’s happening with my girl.   I was glad that he thought the next logical step was Children’s, that he was encouraging us to push for it too.  On the other, I wanted him to tell me everything was ok.  This is the man that calmly sat across from me the day he thought I had placenta previa (and didn’t, amen!) and told me it would be ok.  He was more calm then than he was last Friday.  I left there with a heavy heart and full of fear.

We spent the weekend trying to keep things normal, watching Audrey, worrying, praying and trying to decide the next course of action.  By Monday I called the pediatrician’s office, they needed to know what happened and that she still wasn’t right.  The throwing up had stopped, but she was (and is) still so pale, she’s happy but keeps complaining of her tummy and by Wednesday, when I called them back, she’d been up twice in the night that week screaming of a tummy pain.  She quickly falls back asleep, but something isn’t right.

They decided to see her early, and so yesterday we met Dr. H at Abbotsford hospital for more tests and consult.

Going into the day I was worried.  Dr. M’s words kept ringing through my mind, he was worried enough about our Audrey that he gave me his personal cell number in case I needed to get him when he wasn’t in the office.  I was scared to ask Dr. H for a referral,  I didn’t want her to feel like we didn’t trust her, we DO, but we also want more done.  I spent endless hours praying, asking God for guidance peace and answers.

When we finally saw Dr. H on Friday, I went over the whole thing again.  Giving her details about everything I could think of, Audrey’s intense thirst, her peeing all the time (from drinking so much I’m sure), the tummy pain, the paleness, her happy attitude, the waking in the night, the list went on.  As I kept talking and asking questions we came closer to the point in the conversation where I needed to ask about Children’s, I was nervous and had no idea what to say, but before I could say anything she said this…

“I’ve been talking to Children’s about Audrey.  I happened to speak to a guy who runs a special clinic for kids with undiagnosed problems, they want to see her.  I don’t know who to refer you to, if it’s a hematology thing or center for disease, they’ll figure it out…”

The conversation went on to explain what that meant, and that she wanted to run more blood work in Abby and we couldn’t leave till the results came back.

One poke, a brave girl, a search over two floors of the very LARGE hospital for a missing (and found) teddy bear and lunch later the results were in.  Dr. H had been sitting at the computer waiting for them…

– Her hemoglobin had gone up a teeny bit.  She’s still anemic, back to where she was when we admitted her with the croup, but at least it went up not down.  They are still abnormally large and it’s still unexplained.

– Her new red blood cells are still low, her words were “It’s scrapping the bottom of the bucket of normal.  They aren’t good, but at least they aren’t as bad as April”

– Her platelets are elevated.  That could be because of her being sick before and the residual effects…or it could indicate another problem.  Only time will tell.

– Everything else that had already come back looked good.

We talked some more about Children’s, they probably won’t see us till January because they don’t run those clinics through Christmas.  We talked about possibly seeing her next week, if Audrey doesn’t improve any more, and about how to get in touch with her over the holidays.

She affirmed what I’ve been saying too, something is wrong.  She understands and can see that, she just doesn’t know what to do next.  We have a plan now and for that we are so grateful.

So please, PLEASE keep praying.  This journey is far from over for us, but God is good.  Yesterday had His fingerprints all over it and I know He’s holding my baby girl tighter than I am.  We are just asking that He heal her, that He give the doctor’s wisdom, that if we need to take her in over the holidays (which we are praying big time we won’t have to!!!) that things run smoothly and we are THANKING Him for His intense greatness and comfort through this journey we’re on.

6 thoughts on “Audrey Update – It’s Children’s for us

  1. Oh girl~ I am praying for you all. Praying that the Doctors are open and that answers will come sooner than later in finding what is going on with your sweet little angel.. Tons of Love and Prayers from my home to yours! God Bless

  2. Ashley, Daddy and I are with you guys all the way. Audrey is in my prayers constantly. You , Corey and Bethany are in my prayers just as constant. God’s faithfulness was in yesterday and for sure what present in that office. I am here with you.. to do, be or come to where ever you need me. So very thankful for God’s constant presence and for Him guiding the way to get the help Audrey’s little body needs. I love you and I am so very proud of the Momma you are!!!!!!
    Mom / Grammy recently posted..Sometimes sweat feels good.

  3. Oh, man. This is so hard. I am glad that doctors are finally behind your intuition and that you get the answers you’re all looking for. We are thinking and praying all the time for you and your sweet family!
    Amanda recently posted..Misplaced Halo

  4. Go with your gut! They will figure it out and I will be hoping and praying until they do. Stay strong for your girl!
    Kami recently posted..YUM!

  5. Continuing to pray! Don’t EVER give up. Your mother’s intuition is God-given. You PUSH and PURSUE and don’t take no for an answer. You are the only ones who know her well enough to know when something’s not right! Don’t ever worry about what Dr’s will think of you. You FIGHT for your little girl! Definitely, as someone else said; you go with your gut! Thankful that the tests are looking better again!
    Hang in there! You’re ALL being upheld with prayer!

  6. Audrey!!! We wish you all the luck…We hope your doctors figure whats wrong and is all worked out…we love you and would love to plan a playdate visit sometime in the new year…All our prayers and love to you and the family… Love cole, Peyton and Kendal,,,,

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