OFS 5 Days of Giveaways – Day 5 Win Starbucks Of Course!

What would Christmas, the holidays and OFS 5 Days of Giveaways be without the thing that keeps me running.  (No I’m not talking about my children)(or a treadmill)(or the laundry because it never ends)(seriously guys, it NEVER ENDS).

I am, more obviously talking about Starbucks!  Their tea, their (almost always) stellar employees, their ability to make Christmas feel like it has arrived with a red Cup and some cheesy window snowflakes – are just some of the reasons I love them so much.

Then you add in the fact that I love all of you (except if you’re creepy and lurky and send Spam emails in your underwear and I don’t know you….then I don’t love you so much) too and you have the perfect recipe for the perfect giveaway!

Starbucks also has this awesome thing where I can send your Gift Card via email and you can have it RIGHT AWAY (if you want me to have it shipped that is an option too)  No waiting for it to ship, if you have a gift card already you can load the amount to it, if not you can have them send you one.  It’s awesomeness.

Now it’s time to enter!  All these giveaways are open until Christmas Eve, so take advantage of them and enter to win.  Even if you won’t use it, I’m betting you know someone who will.  This giveaway also has a few extra ways to win, so pay attention to the form and take advantage of all your entries!

This giveaway is open residents of Canada and the US.

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16 thoughts on “OFS 5 Days of Giveaways – Day 5 Win Starbucks Of Course!

  1. i was waiting for this one! and i agree, it doesn't truly feel like the christmas season until starbucks hauls out the red cups.

  2. Nothing makes me laugh the way my husband does! The last time I laughed myself into tears was from one of his stupid jokes.

  3. oh and probably the person that makes me laugh the most is my friend colleen. i anticipate our visits because nobody tells a good story like she does!

  4. Last night made me pee my pants… we had an ugly sweater party and we had a prize for the ugliest sweater… one of the girls was wearing this knit sweater that he great grandma had worn and given her… and I was trying to hold the pee in because the way she reacted when Spencer told her that hers was the ugliest she was so appalled at the thought! It made me feel horrible but I was too concerned with trying not to pee my pants!

  5. Nothing made me laugh today… yet! But our neighbors gave us a little Christmas gift and that made me smile! 🙂

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