Somewhere in my memory*…

*Another Christmas tradition, Corey’s 1kg chocolate bar*

I love traditions.  Whether it’s stopping at Tickleberry’s for ice cream, any time we are in the Okanagan or Christmas shopping with my Dad, the things we “always do” matter to me a lot.

And if ever there were a season for traditions, Christmas is it.  People all over have traditions established that make the season what it is.  I talked to my cousin last night and she was telling me about how she and her Fiancée (a new development!  Yay!) started a tradition way back when they first met of going out to cut down their own Christmas Tree together.  It made me smile and scratch my head confused.  Why, oh WHY would you want a tree you have to water? and got me to thinking about traditions, both past and present.


– when G and I were kids we would watch The Santa Clause, with Tim Allen in it over and over.  Each time that movie comes on I think of him, and of being kids

– Christmas Eve always meant the Christmas Eve service, the church would be lit up with candles everywhere, we’d sing the carols, watch the entertainment (which from time to time was us *former Mary waving hello*) and when it was all done we’d line up and wait for our goodies bags.  The best part?  The orange in each bag.

– Christmas Jammies, without fail each year my Mom would have a new pair of Christmas Jammies waiting for us.  The one present we got to open before Christmas morning.

– Each year G and I would have a sleepover on Christmas Eve, whether it was him in my room or the other way around we never went to sleep alone that night.  It made waking up Christmas morning more fun to have him there, even if he did forget I was sleeping on the floor beside his bed, and even if he did step on my head.

– Stockings.  They are totally the best part of Christmas morning.  I love all the treasures found within, especially the socks!  (Stockings ALWAYS have socks)

– Christmas shopping with my Dad


Some of those traditions haven’t changed much over the years.  My Dad and I still go shopping each year, stockings still have socks (Corey learned pretty quickly, that no socks + a pregnant wife = tears), and my Mom never forgets Christmas jammies.  But we’ve also added some traditions of our own…

– We take the girls on a drive a few nights over the holiday season, bundled up in their pj’s and blankets to look at the Christmas lights.  We drive until their eyes get heavy, then turn on the tunes and let them fall alseep.

– The Christmas Eve service is still a big part of the holidays for us.  The girls are just starting to learn about the productions and the message, and even though this year we won’t be there it’s still such a special part of the season.  I love the feeling at the Christmas Eve service, like I’m a little closer to Jesus or something when we’re there.

– Christmas Eve also means that my family, whomever is around that evening are at our place.  After the service everyone comes over for munchies and play time.  Once the kids are tucked in, we pop in a movie and it’s the one night a year we can plan to be together.

– Wrapping presents Christmas Eve.  My eyes feel like sandpaper by morning but I love it. Not the sandpaper, the wrapping.  I love taking the time to go over what I’ve purchased for everyone, imagining their response and sneaking down to put them under the tree.

As the years pass buy the traditions list gets longer and memories are getting built.  We’re fill our memories with the moments with our girls when they’re little because we know the day will come when it’s just Corey and I Christmas morning.   And we’re setting the girls up with their own memories, their own traditions so that when they look back at Christmases past they can say, “And that is something we always do”.

*a total throw back to Home Alone.   HA1 and HA2 are the only two Macaulay Culkin movies I can handle watching.

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  1. I LOVE Christmas traditions and my family has many; I can recite to you what we would do every Christmas from the 23 – 26th 🙂 It makes not being at my family’s for Christmas all the more difficult since I don’t get to partake, even though I love being at my in-laws too. I can’t wait until Bunny is a bit older and we can start really getting into some of those traditions I had when I was younger. Bunny certainly takes after her mommy though, she has learned how to sing jingle bells and Frosty already 🙂 And she is beginning to enjoy looking at lights – I think that one will come more next year. Have a wonderful Christmas Ashley and family! Thinking and praying for you often – sending hugs to your girlies and give one to your mom too for me 🙂 Love ya <3
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