Boycott the “New Year’s Resolution”

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions.  In fact, I loathe them on so many levels.  I’m a go get it sort of person, I like order and structure, speed (in getting a task completed not while driving – that kind of speed makes me hyperventilate) and accuracy.  I believe in sticking with commitments, and taking action.  Mostly, I believe this is YOUR LIFE right now, it doesn’t begin January 1st so if you’re unhappy, why wait until then to make it better?

It’s all the same way I don’t believe in saying on Tuesday, “I’m going to start eating healthy on Monday, so these next 6 days I’m going to indulge in as much as I can until then”.  It’s dumb.  You want to eat healthy right?  You want to look better, feel better, have a healthier body today right?  If someone offered it to you today, for free and without any effort you’d take it right?  You wouldn’t say, “No, I’m going to feel bad for the next 6 days then I’ll think about it” So then, why wait?

I also think that “New Year’s Resolutions” are often made in haste.  Goals are set that are unrealistic and then, when they aren’t reached a person is left feeling like a failure.  Then, instead of picking themselves up and trying again they get discouraged and revert back to the bad habit they were trying to break.  Then there are those who’s resolutions are made more to impress those around them rather than to benefit them.

Now, that’s not to say I’m against goals and plans.  It’s the complete opposite!  I am pro-change (when it comes to underwear, habits and life.  Not so much when it comes to meal choices, traffic patterns or Starbucks locations), I all for deciding to be healthier, planning to spend more time with your kids, weekly phone calls to your Grandma or daily trips to Starbucks (because we know you wouldn’t be trying to cut those back).  I just say, make the plan and do it today!

Be realistic, don’t plan to lose 100lbs in 3 months and then feel like a loser when you only lose 5.  Plan to do your best for 3 months to eat healthy, exercise and make good choices and be happy with the fact that you are taking care of you – for you and for your family.  If you planned to volunteer at the hospital once a week, and miss a few in a row due to unforseen circumstance, don’t give up – “I’ve missed a few, I might as well quit” isn’t the solution, make a phone call, show up when you can and relish in the smiles of those you’re helping.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, and everybody knows that hind sight is 20/20 but changing the past is impossible.  If you wait you might miss the chance of a lifetime, you might not get to say “I Love You” one more time or laugh till your soul sings.

Today, this day whether it’s January 1st or April 29th, is your day.  Whatever good you want to see in your life, whatever good you want to DO with your life, do it today.  God’s given you this life to live, so get up, get moving and live it!

2 thoughts on “Boycott the “New Year’s Resolution”

  1. I’m not big into putting all your hope into a few resolutions just because a certain date comes around. For me, the month of January signals some sort of renewal. I think it must be the years of school that I’ve done, because September gives me that same vibe. It is my time to declutter and get things organized and all of the things I’ve been putting off tend to get finished up. Works for me!
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