4 Fingers and 1 Thumb

5 years ago today, our sweet Bethany was born.  5 years ago today, I was no longer a pregnant woman, I was somebody’s Mommy.  5 years ago today, Corey held his daughter for the first time, and my parents earned new titles.  5 years ago today, the world stopped turning, just for a split second, when I looked into the eyes of my beautiful little girl and fell in love.

In one moment, 5 years ago today feels like a life time away.  We’ve achieved so many mile stones, kissed away so many tears and laughed at so many antics.  Then the moment passes and it feels like it was only yesterday.  Like we’ve somehow blinked away the past 5 years and that teeny baby we had wrapped in a blanket is now a running, singing, energetic little girl.

Before you have children, hearing parents say “hang onto each moment, they vanish so quickly” and you think, “it’s a cliché”.  Then you become the parent and find out it’s not a cliché but rather, one of God’s most brutal truths.  The days go by too fast, but the memories are golden.


Happy Birthday!  Today is your day and today you are 5!  You’re 4 fingers and 1 thumb old today and we are going to celebrate.  

This year you’ve become such a grown up girl.  You’re going to school now, preschool 2 days a week and you LOVE it!  You flourish under the attention of your teachers, you’re compassionate with your classmates and I get rave reviews from them about your excellent behaviour.  You’ve also made a best friend this year, Lizzy.  You guys play at school and when you’re not together at school you’re at home talking about her.  She’s a sweet girl, she’s even coming over for tea today – you couldn’t be happier.  I don’t know anything for sure, but I have a hunch you’ll be friends a long time.

Art has really taken up residence in your heart this year.  Whether it’s drawing pictures or making Christmas ornaments, you are always down for a craft or ready to write someone a letter.  Each week it seems your printing is improving, you not only write your regular words without help (Mommy, Daddy, Bethany, Audrey, Love you, Hope, Grammy and Papa) you’re trying to sound out other words.  You’re spelling words out that you see and asking for help to read them!  I’m excited for you!  Reading, being hidden in a book is one of my favourite things to do and it’s something I can’t wait to share with you and Audrey.

As always, you’re a wonderful big sister.  You girls fight, like most siblings do, but when push comes to shove (not when you’re pushing and she’s shoving) you guys stick together.  You play for endless hours, pretending to be Mommies and Aunties.  You chase each other around the house, squealing as you go and every morning, when she wakes up, it’s you Audrey looks for, for her first hug, not me.  

I pray for you my girl.  I spend hours on my knees asking God to protect you, to guide you, to make your path straight and your decisions clear.  Even though your only 5 (5!) I pray for the man you’re going to marry, the friends you’re going to have, the woman you will become.  God is listening, Bethany.  If I leave nothing else with you as you walk through life, know with your whole heart that Jesus loves you and He is always listening!

You asked Jesus to live in your heart this year!  A moment that I will never forget, one that brings tears to my eyes each and every time I think of it.  It was the moment you not only  secured your place in heaven, but the moment you became more than my daughter.  You became my sister in Christ!  You’re excited about it too.  You want to tell everyone they should love Jesus and he should live in their hearts – keep that passion sweetheart, it’s so easy to let the world snuff it out.

I love you Bethany, with every piece of my being and I’m so glad you are my girl.   Daddy and Audrey love you too!  Daddy is your hero, the guy who plays Lego with you and who taught you about shocks.  You adore him, and race to meet him at the end of each day.  Wanna know what?  He adores you too!

Happy Birthday, Baby girl – we love you!




2 thoughts on “4 Fingers and 1 Thumb

  1. Dear Bethany,

    Oh my dear little Sweet Pea you have grown up so quick and now you are 5!! I love being your and Audrey's Grammy. It is fun Bethany to watch you grow and learn. To hear the things you are thinking and to feel the amazing warmth of your little arms around my neck, ohh that always warms my heart. I am proud of the little girl you are and I am so thankful that Jesus asked me to be part of your life. Happy 5th Birthday Honey. Grammy and Papa loves you so very much!

    Love and Hugs and Prayers

    Grammy & Papa
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