When they grow up…

Every little kid thinks about when they grow up.  They can’t wait to be big enough to make their own rules (or not have any at all), to have a late bedtime and to eat chocolate as the main course of every meal.  They think about what they’ll do and who they’ll become, I know I did, I bet you did too.

Our girls aren’t any different.  Lately Bethany and Audrey have been doing a lot of talking about “when I grow up…”, announcing all the things they’ll be or do.  I love hearing them.  I imagine who and what they’ll become too and hearing their thoughts guides my vision (and my prayers) for their futures.  Some of their plans make me proud of them and others flat out make me laugh…

Audrey: “When I growed up I want to be a FIRE TRUCK!”
Mommy: “You mean a fireman or a fire person pal.”
Audrey: “NO Momma.  I WANT to be a FIRE TRUCK!”
(We had just witnessed a vehicle accident, since we had called 9-1-1 we had to stick around until the Fire Truck etc showed up.  She had just seen the fire truck use its automatic arm to lift the ladders of its side and was in awe!)


Bethany: “When I grow up I want to be a Grammy”
Mommy: “Don’t you want to be a Mommy?  You need to be a Mommy before you can be a Grammy”
Bethany: “No, I want to be a Grammy.  It looks like WAY more fun”
(That is true, it does look like more fun sometimes.)


Audrey: “When I grow up I’m gonna be a big, BIG Mommy that can reach the roof”
(I haven’t grown up that far yet)


Bethany: “When I grow up I want to be an exercise girl on TV.”
Mommy: “You do?  Like when I do my DVD’s”
Bethany: “No.  I want to ON the TV doing exercises.  I want to be like Jillian!”
(She can totally be a fitness instructor when she grows up if she wants.  In fact, I think it would be awesome.  She can’t become Jillian though.  There’s only Jillian and I love to hate her….)

I am where I thought I’d be when I grew up.  Give or take a few minor and major details.  I’m where I know God meant for me to be and I’m so grateful for that.  Now, it’s just a matter of walking this grown up road along side my little girls to see where they’re going to land.


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  1. I enjoy your girlies comments. They make me smile and think of all of the funny things Addison will say one day. Thank you for blogging Ashley! It gives me hope in surviving this whole momma gig some days!

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