Finding Grace in Small Things – #3

1. Watching the Girls dance/sing – Music is inbeded in my soul and I love seeing that it’s in Bethany and Audrey too.

2. Cara Cara Oranges – They come out the end of December until the beginning of April and they are HEAVEN.  Seriously they make mandarins and regular naval oranges taste like losers.

3. New Workouts – I have discovered the website and it’s an awesome addition to my daily workouts!  You can get the workout videos on your computer, through Apple TV or on your iPhone.

4. Date days – I got to have a Mommy Date with Audrey last Saturday.  We hit Starbucks and the wool shop to pick out wool for her new blanket.  She’s a pretty awesome kid…who never stops talking.

5. The way Corey Smells – I love getting a hug from him any time, but right after he’s out of the shower and is dressed, the smell of clean clothes, cologne and clean from the shower, sigh,  they are my favourite.  (This is not to be confused with how he smells post work, pre shower.  I do NOT like that smell)

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