Snow, Audrey and Patience

Snow drift at our front door.

Sometimes I think Christmas should be moved to January 25th each year, at least for us in the Fraser Valley.  Without fail almost every Christmas morning we wake up to rain, green grass and puddles.   While some years we’re graced with the presence of snow for the one holiday a year that screams “I NEED SNOW” most of the time, we’re just left complaining we don’t have it.

Then we have New Year’s, pack up the tree and it starts to feel like we should be headed for spring.  3 weeks pass and one morning we wake up, look out the window and there it is. 6″ of white fluffy snow covering the ground and more drifting down.

At least, that’s exactly what happened this year.  Right when I was starting to think about how nice it would be to pull out my flip-flops, pack up the snow coat and pull out the sunscreen, we get dumped on.  I’m not totally complaining about it, the kids are happy (because they are certifiable and like to play out in that wet cold stuff), Corey is happy because he too is missing a few screws and enjoys not feeling his finger tips and it does look pretty, but I’m not really happy about it.

I don’t do winter driving.  I mean I can and I will, but after a very serious car accident in the snow 9 years ago when I lost control of my Cavalier, was nearly missed by a semi truck (thanks to the ginormous biceps on my guardian angel) and rolled it once before landing upside down in a ditch, I struggle with feeling safe out there.  We also have Arctic Wind warnings and blowing snow warnings, there is little visibility and we are housebound.  It kind of makes me feel trapped.

The kids don’t like this part either.  We can’t take them out in the snow right now because they’d surely blow away.  In fact I think they’d probably end up stuck in a snow drift somewhere, and if they didn’t they’d surely freeze off the odd extremity.  So, we stay in.  We watch movies and play games, drink tea and watch the weather reports.  And silently I pray for spring to hurry up and arrive.

We also faced a big drive this week in the bad weather.  Audrey’s appointment at Children’s Hospital was Monday and come rain, snow, sleet or hail we were going to be there.  We woke up to a substantial amount of snow Monday morning and it was still coming down as we got the kids dressed.  We left early, with plenty of time to spare and I prayed, hard that God would guide and protect our trip.

Which, He definitely did!  The day went well, the roads weren’t too bad and once we reached Langley there was hardly any evidence of the snow we’d had back home.  The skies cleared in the city for the day and stayed that way for the majority of our journey home.

The appointment its self went well too, we didn’t get any answers but we did get a plan.  The two doctors we saw were extremely kind, they listened to everything we had to tell them and checked her out thoroughly.  They don’t know what’s wrong with her, but they’re doing a LOT of blood work on her, checking somethings that haven’t been looked at and others that have.  They’ve ordered another ultrasound of her kidneys (which I’m waiting on the appointment for, and will have to drive back to Children’s for) and are expecting us back February 13th to go over the results.

They want to find answers as much as we do and they’re setting out to do that.  It was hard to drive away from there on Monday feeling like we didn’t know anything more than we did the day before.  Then I called my Mom and she reminded me we DID know more.  Now we knew our doctors, now we know they are going to do what it takes to get answers and now we know that something is going to get done.

Audrey was such a trooper for us, she let each doctor examine her without complaints, she waited as patiently as a 3 year old can and she held still when they took her blood.  She was polite when they gave her a sticker for being good and asked quietly if she could “Please have a sticker for my Bethy too” who was waiting for us at home.  Bethany spent the day with Grammy & Papa and was, as always an excellent kid.  We are so proud of the girls we have, of who they are and who they’re starting to become!

God is faithful, whether it’s clear roads for driving, snow for building snowmen (because what kid doesn’t pray for snow) or doctors who listen and care, He’s there.  He’s listening to our prayers, our thanks and our pleas and He’s answering.  Even when we can’t hear His voice, He’s answering.

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  1. Anything to do with children and health is always so tough, and especially so as the parents. It's so difficult to have to wait and to have patience and know that doctors and medicine doesn't always have answers right away. I hope that the investigations will get things rolling and that soon there will be even more ideas about what is going on with sweet Audrey.
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