The Magic of 3

The moments leading up to that one are blurry, their details slowly forgotten, their pain lessened with each passing year because none of it really mattered.  The first moment I laid my eyes on you was it and everything else ceased to exist.

As the doctor lifted your little body up for all to see, you lifted your little arms and crossed them, “This little girl’s got attitude” he said, and we all laughed.  Little did he know how true that observation was.

My sweet Audrey girl you are 3 today. 3 whole years old!  And while you wish you were 4 (because it was Bethany’s last number), I’m so glad you’re not.  Time goes to fast, moments fade away and blinking results in years past.  Years that I’m not ready to let go of just yet.

This past year has been a hard one for you, for all of us.  We’ve struggled with your health, you’ve battled being sick, staying in hospitals and being poked at by dozens of people.  You’ve handled it all so well!  You’re patient, polite and there is a grace about you in those hard moments that leaves us so proud of you.

All that aside, you’re my “Little Ms. Attitude”.  We butt heads like no other and I think it’s because you’re my little “mini-me”.  You have a flare and a sass that makes any and everyone around you laugh.  You are the girl of a thousand faces and expressions, each one sweeter/funnier/sillier than the last, Daddy loves each and everyone.

You’re Bethany’s best buddy and she’s your hero.  You want to be like her, do things like her, follow in her footsteps and it’s pretty much your life’s mission to drive her absolutely stark raving mad.  I love it (and sometimes loath it)!  To you Daddy is your hero and the guy who’ll always play with you.  You can’t wait to see Grammy, and you love to tease Papa with his hugs.

Audrey-Belle, you’re our little “Momma”.  You have a dozen babies and want a dozen more.  It’s not uncommon to hear you talking to anyone who will listen about how many babies you’ll have when you’re grown up, what you’ll  name them and how many bottles and “soo-ders” they will have.  You have a compassionate heart, an instinct to nurture and I have no doubt that one day you will make an excellent, real life Momma.

Watching you grow up is such a privilege my baby girl.  As the days pass, our baby fades away, the toddler has begun to vanish and the little girl with a beautiful heart has begun to shine through.  I’m in love with her.

Today is your day.  Today we are celebrating you, another year of laughter, antics and love, another year of watching you grow, another year of one of God’s greatest blessings to this family – our Rosebud!

Happy Birthday my sweet Audrey!  We love you, with our whole hearts!

3 thoughts on “The Magic of 3

  1. Beautiful Ashley, your words and your photos! Happy Birthday to Audrey and prayers that this year will be much easier!


  2. Audrey, you are Grammy's Rosebud. I love you so much my dear little girlie. Jesus has given my heart wings with the love you show to Papa and I. Your hugs and smiles and ways of being you fill my life with so much joy.

    Thank you for being you and I am excited to watch you grow up to be a beautiful woman.

    Love always and forever


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