Finding Grace in Small Things – #4

1. Power – we lost power for 6 hours yesterday while a substation caught fire.  I’m glad it’s back.

2. Flyers – I totally love when Thursday’s paper comes full of the next week’s flyers.  Saving money rocks!

3. Birthday phone calls – Audrey turned 3 this week and she received so many wonderful birthday phone calls.  Each one made her face light up

4. Trips to the Library – For a bookaholic that place is like crack central!

5. Starbucks Employees – It’s no secret that Starbucks’ tea is my “grace” in a lot of days but this week it was the employees at a new Sbucks that opened up here that made the difference.  We mentioned it was Audrey’s birthday and the manager over heard and came from the back room to offer her a complimentary birthday tea (even wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY) on her cup.  Their behaviour and the way they treated her was incredible and she was over the moon!

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One thought on “Finding Grace in Small Things – #4

  1. That's awesome about the Starbs manager and employees wishing Audrey a Happy Birthday! I'm glad that you have a good local Starbs that does that. I miss the one we always went to in Grande Prairie. Now we have to drive to either Red Deer or Calgary and nobody can make my drink right and no one knows who we are. It saddens me.

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