Papa and the Snow Mary

Before the crazy wind began blowing snow through our little city a few weeks ago Bethany and Audrey got to have a very special afternoon.  It was the Sunday after the first portion of the major snow had fallen and the sun was shining.  The snow hadn’t got its ice crust yet and it was perfect for playing outside, for making snowmen.

Almost immediately after breakfast was finished that morning Corey and the girls put on their gear and out they went. (Nothing like the prospect of playing in the snow to make our 1 hour breakfast eater, get it done in 15!  Maybe we should move to the North Pole…)  They ran around, threw snow, went down the slide and just generally had fun.

When it was all said and done it was tea/hot chocolate time, and in they came.  We settled down to a movie and lunch, planning to carry on with a normal indoor afternoon.  Then the surprise came.

I was heading out for tea with my Mom that afternoon and my Dad was planning on coming over to visit.  Plans of building towers and playing Lego filled their heads and the girls waited anxiously for them to arrive.  Little did they know Papa had other plans.

He came armed with boots and gloves, ready for more outside fun and time in the snow.  They were ecstatic!

Living in the same town as my parents and working in their business office 3 days a week Bethany and Audrey get to “see” Grammy and Papa all the time.  They certainly get more minutes with my Mom and Dad than other kids get with their grandparents but they don’t always get more time.  Being that the majority of the time we see them we’re in the office working, Bethany and Audrey don’t get tons of one on one time with them.  Especially my Dad, he’s a busy guy always on the go, always trying to get 3 days worth of work done in 1 day worth of time and stopping to play isn’t (and can’t be) his first activity – even when he wants it to be.

They get to have sleepovers to play and little bits of time, but those days are few and far between so when they found out he’d come to spend the afternoon here, with them, they were over the moon!

We came home from tea to find two happy, tired little girls.  Full of tales of playing Lego, then building towers, then putting on ALL their gear again and heading outside.  They got pulled around on the tobbogan and threw more snow, and they built someone very special. Not just your average snowman, but rather a “Snow Mary” in all her mechancial and adorable glory!

Her eyes were made of washers, her nose a funnel, her smile a piece of vac hose, her buttons made of nuts, her sash danger tape and her “crown” borrowed from Daddy’s Chevy hat collection.

She was adorable, almost as adorable as the two little girls who were proudly showing her off.  That day was so special for our girls and for Corey, a day they won’t soon forget.

My Dad is a special man, he’s strong and kind, patient (mostly) and hard working, he’s the spiritual leader of our family, the guide that we so often look to, he’s a wonderful Dad to me and a wonderful Papa to our girls.  He’s taken Corey under his wing and given him things he didn’t even know he was missing and he made that snowy day one for the books.


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  1. I love how excited they are to go in the snow! Addison isn't quite sure about the white stuff yet especially seeing as we live in it most of the year in Alberta aka Alberia. Soon enough maybe one day she will enjoy it… even though I'm not a huge fan of it!

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