Finding Grace in Small Things – #5


1. Sunshine – Everything feels better when the sun is shining (also, my floors look exponentially dirtier when the sun is streaming through my 4 million fingerprint covered windows.  I’m not sure that is grace…)

2. Persistence – I called Children’s Radiology every 2 days for the past two weeks and on Wednesday we were given an earlier ultrasound appointment for Audrey.  That means we’ll have ALL the results back for our appointment in two weeks.

3. Listening to Bethany Sing – It’s both sweet and sometimes hilarious – she makes up some interesting stuff.

4. Not being pregnant – I want another baby, but I don’t want to be pregnant – because we all know my body sucks at it.  We have 4 friends who are all due in the next month and I’m so glad I’m not them right now.

5. Walks to Sleep Resuming – Went for the first of many last night, wee!

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