Taking a Break with Kinder and the chance to win $500!

So let’s just start this off by announcing the great news – we have once again partnered with Kinder Canada and Mom Central Canada with their Kinder Mom Program!  That’s right, we are going to be building new toys, sharing treats with those around us again and maybe having an extra Kinder Egg or two ourselves!  If you missed it the first time around, we are HUGE Kinder fans in this house and they are doing some excellent things with “Canada’s most loved Kid’s treat”.

If you haven’t already checked them out, you NEED to head on over to Kinder Canada’s Facebook page!  Along with getting heads up on new products and deals, you’ll also have the opportunity to enter in a monthly contest with their My Kinder Moments App!  This month, it’s the chance to win $500 towards the ultimate Staycation!  Come on, who wouldn’t want to play with a fun app and win $500 to spend on the family this March/Spring Break?

This is the first year we will be enjoying the luxury of a Spring Break in this house.  Even though Bethany is only in school two days a week, I am totally counting down the weeks until I get to keep her at home with me full-time.  Our girls are pretty awesome little people and I’m totally looking forward to spending some extra “Stone Girls” time together with them.

That being said, they are also busy little people.  Bethany and Audrey have more energy stored in their pinkie fingers than I have in my whole entire body.  If they don’t have an activity or something to keep them occupied, it is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.  I mean there will be whining, and fighting and time-outs, and I will be left wishing for an overnight vacation in an insane asylum.

If you have kids, then I’m guessing you’re totally nodding your head in agreeance.  I’m all for kids playing on their own, using their imaginations (something Bethy and Audrey are great at) but every kid has their breaking point when entertaining themselves just isn’t cutting it any more.

Since we aren’t planning on going anywhere this upcoming break, I’ve been busy brainstorming ideas on how to keep these munchkins busy and me sane….

Write a Letter – Sometimes I forget about Canada Post.  I used to love to handwrite letters to my Grammy, send notes of encouragement to friends and wait anxiously for their reply.  It’s just that it’s become so easy to send an email, fire off a text or check Facebook that I’ve completely gotten out of the habit.  It’s an art that’s quickly getting lost and one I want to pass on to our girls.  So we’re going to write letters, put stamps on them and walk them to the mailbox.  Then we’ll wait, hoping like crazy that somebody writes us back!

Take a Meal to Someone who needs it – There’s something so satisfying about making a meal for someone you know who needs it.  Even if it’s for a family that has just had a long week, having one night where supper is hot and ready, and you didn’t have to do  it might mean the difference between a bad day and a good one.  The girls LOVE to help in the kitchen and this will give them real purpose!

Head Outside – I am seriously banking on the weather being nice this March Break.  We are going crazy getting stuck here in the house and I just want to do any and everything we can to get us moving and get outside.

Go Shopping & to Starbucks – Oh, like you wouldn’t love to do it?  I have girls, two very girly, girls and I think they would  LOVE a day to go shopping (for nothing in particular) and out for tea.

Have a Tea Party – I’m thinking that a pre-Easter, post-Valentine’s tea party might be in order this year.  Maybe we’ll get adventurous and hold it on the back lawn (THINK POSITIVE!), and we might even pull out some Kinder Eggs to share with our friends!

That’s all I’ve come up with so far, but what about you?  How are you going to fill your March/Spring Break?

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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