Bethany on Health and Exercise (includes exclusive Workout Video)

One of the big benefits to this choosing to get healthy business is that it’s wearing off on our kids.  By eating healthy, getting active and talking to them about the great benefits for our bodies  we are leading by example.

side note: We discuss how exercise and eating healthy makes our bodies happy!  Exercise gives us strong muscles so we can lift things, play games and do fun activities, it makes our heart/insides healthy so that we can live a long life and it helps us when we are having a frustrating day to get rid of the yucky attitude and find a happy one.  Eating healthy gives us the energy we need to do all the fun things in a day, it makes our eyes see better and helps our body fight away sickness and germs.  We talk about how treats are fun, and a good thing but only a little bit because too much sugar/candy/ice cream makes our bodies feel yucky, takes away our good energy and makes us feel tired and not good.  We DO NOT EVER talk about getting skinny, not being fat or losing weight.  Both Corey and I feel those things are counter productive to teaching the girls to be happy, confident women.  They are destructive things that we refuse to acknowledge.  They will learn and face those things soon enough in life, and our goal is that when they do, we will have given them the tools and the habits to be able to completely ignore them. End of very long side note.

Over the past few months Bethany’s excitement and enthusiasm about exercise and healthy eating has really started to flourish.  In the grocery store as I read labels she asks what I’m looking for, why we do or don’t choose something and if it has corn syrup (something they know is bad for my allergy but for their healthy too).  She likes to exercise on and off with me and has recently decided she wants to be an “exercise girl who makes DVD’s” when she grows up.

It totally thrills me!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to raise children who are obsessed with health and fitness to the point of missing life, but I do want to raise fit people who find those things a natural part of life not a chore.  I also want to raise women who are confident in whatever they chose to do, and know that I’ll stand behind them every step of the way.

Which is why when Bethany decided she wanted to make an “Exercise DVD” I couldn’t say no.  This is the first video in her series, this kid has ideas of what she wants with life and where she wants to go with it.  Who am I to stand in her way?


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  1. That’s awesome! I think it is great that you and Corey are teaching them to be healthy and fit. It is great encouragement!

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