You could complain or Snowshoe.

This week has sucked, there has been sickness, strange rashes, whining, croup, sleepless nights, more whining (this time it was me, because I’m still sick), lots of TV and the use of 3 full boxes of tissue.  It’s been snotty, and tiring, and I’ve been walking in the land of the “pity party”.

Instead of complain about it, (which I’d really like to do, but seriously don’t have the energy for) I’m going to share some pictures from a new activity we tried a few weeks ago.


Corey and I want very much to be a family that does things together, whether it’s pulling weeds in the garden, making dinner, watching a movie or trying a new outdoor activity, we want our girls to know we’re happy to get in there and do it as a family.

We’ve been talking about winter activities for a long time but they rarely ever happen because I HATE being cold.  And snow is cold.  This Sunday however, for whatever strange reason I felt totally full of energy and pep, I was brave, Corey was for it and we just went.

It was AWESOME!  We loved the snow shoeing, the exercise, the being outside in the sunshine, the pretty white snow and the time together.

The kids did great too.  Audrey wasn’t sure at first what she thought so I ended up carrying her for almost an hour of the trip but by the end she was down, snow shoes on trudging along with us.  Bethany was our little “navigator” taking the map, reading the trails and guiding us along.  She had a few “I’m too TIRED”  moments, but for the most part did really well and had a great time.

That day just proves that not all change is bad, that trying new things won’t kill me and that snow might not be the work of the devil.   It also showed us we have a new family hobby and that a family set of snowshoes is in order.

Do you love or loath winter activities?