Finding Grace in Small Things – # 6

1. Getting Better – After a week of “sick” kicking around our house, I think we are finally on the mend.

2. Shopping. Alone – Today I went shopping without our children, and while I picked up fruit/veg it wasn’t a grocery trip.  I got a bit of time with my Mom, then a bit of time on my own. Ahhhh

3. Movie & Pizza Night – I look forward to this event all week.  We all snuggle up, we eat we watch, we bond and we are together.

4. Babies – Two of my nearest and dearest friends had babies last week, and while my sickness has prevented me from holding them as of yet their birth has me ecstatic! (If you can’t have a baby, you can at least borrow one)

5. Damn you Auto-correct – If you don’t get why it’s a “Grace” that makes me sad for you. (Laughter to tears is ALWAYS good)

Grace in Small Things is a social network created by Schmutzie to wage a war against embitterment!  Check out my first post here.

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