A Date with my Big Girl

This past year has been hard on us, on all of us.  A lot of our energies have been focused on Audrey and the journey we’ve been taking with her.  Corey and I have been doing our very best to make Bethany feel like life was as normal as possible.  To include her, to make her feel special, to handle this better.

The thing is, that’s hard.  It’s hard to feel like life is normal when it so obviously is not normal.  There are so many things in our regular life that have been missing so long, that we’re all missing so bad (mostly church!  Being in a place that is so filled with God’s love and the love of people who care for you is such an incredible thing.  However, being in that building, the one that houses that love, has people sit close together and contains the copious amounts of germs that come with a few hundred people breathing the same, closed air space is something that leaves me hyperventilating.  GERMS!  We’re working on it, soon we hope.) that life sometimes feels like it’s taken on a new meaning of “normal” and it’s anything but.  I think we’ve done a pretty good job of taking care of Bethany’s feelings through all of this, in fact I know we have but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been needing her own special attention from us.  More importantly from me.

Watching Rachael Ray with her BIGGEST fan

What I didn’t know was that I was needing that time from her!  Today, we finally got to have an entire day to ourselves.  My Mom picked Audrey up this morning for a “Grammy Date Day” which meant I had Bethany to myself.

It was wonderful.  She’s really growing up to be such an awesome kid and time alone really showcases the beautiful person God has made her to be.

Lounging at Starbucks

We shopped, we Starbucks’d, we colored, we of course watched Rachael Ray, made dinner and laughed.  We talked like we haven’t in a long time and we bonded, in a way that we just haven’t had the chance to do in such a long time.

Tonight, while I listen to her laugh with her sister in the tub I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with thankfulness.  I am so thankful that Bethany is my little girl, I’m so proud that she is such a shining example of who God wants her to be, I’m so in love with the idea that I am her Momma and I’m so very grateful that today I got to spend some long overdue time with my big girl.  My Bethy.