Cook’n Recipe Organizer Giveaway!

It’s not really a secret that I LOVE to cook.  Each week I spend hours upon hours in the kitchen, baking, cooking, preparing meals for my family.  I take such great joy in seeing people enjoy the food I make, in being able to eat the food I make (because this corn allergy has SERIOUSLY restricted what I’m able to eat) and to be able to try/create new recipes.

I read magazines, scour cookbooks and of course search the internet in hopes of discovering the “perfect recipe” for anything.  That being said, I’m also pretty picky.  I rarely try a recipe without a photo (I NEVER look at cookbooks that are picture less), I want to know that the ingredients are all things I have readily available to me and most importantly I want to know the nutritional value of the food I’m cooking.

Protein, Sodium, Fibre, Fat and Caloric content are all things that matter to me both for my own journey to health but also in the effort to keep our meals healthy for my family.  I want to know that our kids have enough protein in their diets, that they aren’t being overloaded with salt and that there is fibre in their food.  I read labels and check ingredients on the packages I buy so why wouldn’t I check on the foods that I prepare?

Finding a website that holds all the recipes I’m looking for AND has that information is hard to do.  I’ve found a few but to be honest when it comes to entering in my own recipe creations to get that information I find it too tedious to bother.  It is a frustrating battle, I thought I was bound to face – forever.

Then I discovered the Cook’n Recipe Organizer software.

 It’s a program that allows me to:

– enter and organize my own recipes
– find and try thousands of recipes from the internet
– design and print my own cookbooks (something I hadn’t thought about doing…until now)
– create my menu plan & a grocery list to go with it!
– Analyze the nutritional value of the recipes and meals I’m creating!

I was super stoked to give it a try and was really hoping it didn’t let me down.  After a week of playing around with it, entering my recipes and having a good ol’ time I have discovered one thing.  They didn’t let me down at all, the program offered all the things it promised and more.

All the online recipes are sorted into very specific categories, making it easy to locate exactly what I’m searching for or to just browse through.  While the dashboard holds a LOT of information and options it isn’t difficult to navigate and they even offer a great tutorial video to help you get started!

Now, if my loving it weren’t enough it’s time to tell you the even bigger news….

I’m giving one away!  One of my readers will have the chance to win their very own Cook’n Recipe Organizer Program (download available for either PC or Mac)!  Regardless of your cooking knowledge, experience or ability this program is wonderful.

And that’s not all, the great people over at the Cook’n Recipe Organizer have also given me a special coupon code to share with each of you!  Enter the code mb-stone when you check out and receive 50% off your purchase! (this coupon code expires March 15 2012 so don’t wait!) A sweet deal if I do say so myself.

So, what are you waiting for?  Check out the links, take my word for it and get cooking but before you do – enter the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!  Contest Closes March 9 2012.

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Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by DVO Enterprises. The opinions on this blog are my own.

7 thoughts on “Cook’n Recipe Organizer Giveaway!

  1. I have been wanting to find something exactly like this to put all my recipes in one place on the computer

  2. My staple recipe would have to be…Honey Baked Chicken although in my house and in my parents house it’s just known as “favourite chicken.” It was a staple growing up and it definitely doesn’t take like my Mom’s but it’s pretty darn stinkin good!

  3. We don’t eat prepackaged food, so if I’m short on time for dinner, Chicken Fajitas is one of my staple recipes. My favorite place is in the kitchen with soup brewing on the stovetop and cookies baking in the oven and sourdough fermenting on the counter. 🙂

  4. My newest favorite is Pad Tai. I’ve learned to make my own from scratch. Filled with noodley veggie goodness! Love it!

  5. Congratulations Andrea! You won the Cook'N Recipe Organizer! Please email me with the address you'd like your free download sent to and I'll have them get it off to you.

    Thanks for reading Our Family Stone.


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