Zack’s Dream Room

Last March Heather Hamilton had to do the one thing I fear the very most as a mother.  She had to say goodbye to her son Zack and face a lifetime without him.

Zack and his twin Jayden were born September 21 2007, when Zack congenital heart defect.  He spent the first few months of his life in Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital where he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, that has yet to be named or diagnosed in any other child.

The journey that Heather, Zack and their family took those few years is an incredible one, and one that’s hers to tell not mine.  Head on over to her blog, Telling my Story to read all about it and where life has taken them since that day a year ago.

My heart breaks for all of them, but for Heather in particular.  The internet and social media have opened up the doors for millions of us moms to bond together, to share tales of crazy kid antics and the woes of potty training.  It has also given us a window into the worlds of many parents and families who are suffering losses we can’t even fathom.

Even more than that it’s given us a chance to help each other, to support one another and to care for someone we otherwise wouldn’t even know.  That’s why I’m so excited to share with you Heather’s story, the incredible cause she’s supporting because of it and how WE can help too!

Zack’s Dream Room is a room (Now plans for 2 rooms, thanks to the incredible support & donations!) at York Central Hospital where the Hamilton Family is carrying on Zack’s memory while giving back to the hospital and the staff who loved and cared for their son so very much.  The money raised to date through the Zack’s Dream Room organization and the exciting event I’m going to share with you now will go towards building these rooms and supporting the hospital.

On March 18 2012 there will be an exclusive screening of the Award-Winning Documentary by Constance Marks, “Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey” in support of Zack’s Dream Room.

It’s such an exciting event that Corey, the girls and I would love to be at.  But the fact that the entirety of the country stands between us makes that impossible.  However, attending this exciting fundraising event isn’t the only way to help out.

If Heather and Zack’s story has touched your heart and you’d like to help support Zack’s Dream Room, please click on through.  You’re able to purchase your tickets to the event if you live in the Toronto area and if not you are also able to make a donation.  If neither of those things is a possibility but you want to share your love, support and prayers with Heather and her family put up your own Zack’s Dream Room blog post (leave me a comment sharing the link) and share her story with your friends, your world.  Or you can head over to Telling My Story.  Leave them a comment, send them a smile and let her know that while none of us will ever feel the pain of their loss, she doesn’t have to walk this road alone.