Wall-E it’s a wake up call!

Saturday was our regular pizza and movie night.  As always I did my best during the week to find us a new and exciting movie to watch.  Something that wasn’t scary, wasn’t stupid (yes, some children’s movies promote unintelligence) and was able to keep Squirmy McWormy (Audrey) still.


Corey and I had been looking at Wall-E for awhile, but weren’t sure if it was going to be good.  After about 5 weeks worth of duds in a row (seriously Valiant?  Waste of Money) I decided to give it a go.  I mean really, what did we have to lose?

Turns out, we had a lot to gain.

First of all, this is the first movie ever that had Bethany laughing out loud.  She was doubled over giggling as Wall-E wacked himself in the head with a paddle ball game.  He was sweet, quirky and loveable, and it only took about 15 seconds for this family to fall in love with Wall-E.

If you’ve seen the movie then you know that it starts out with a panning view of the earth or rather it’s the vast disaster that earth has become.  The garbage is nauseating, the pollution suffocating and the people?  non-existent.  Everyone has left plant earth to go live in space (for 700 years) on some big virtual vacation.  All that’s left is their trash, their filth and a small robot named Wall-E who’s sifting through the mess trying to do his best to clean it up.

As the movie progresses Wall-E meets his future girlfriend (Eve-a) and they head back into space, to the place where virtual “dreams” are made.  It’s there that we see that the people of earth aren’t living a fabulous life of swimming, tennis and family.  They’re living a life of lethargy, riding around in chairs, obese and unable to stand (due to the fact that they eat, sleep and play video games from those chairs).  They don’t even walk from deck to deck but rather ride their chairs around.

I was floored.  Flat out terrified of this vision of what’s to come, because let’s face it if we aren’t careful that is exactly where we are headed.

If we don’t find ways to reduce our emissions, from vehicles, factories and other dangerous causes we one day won’t know what the stars look like.  If we can’t ALL commit to recycling, reducing our waste and doing our part, we one day won’t be able to walk the streets because the garbage will be waste deep.

What’s more, if we don’t put down the video games (laptops (that would be me sometimes)), walk away from the TV, get up and get moving we’ll have nothing left to stand on because our legs will forget how.

And if none of that happens to us, it will to our children.  Or our grandchildren, or the great, great-grandchildren we already love though we don’t know them.

I’ve decided I won’t let that happen.  We’re going to talk to our kids about taking care of the environment, I’m going to (suck it up) and get out in the garden, we’re going to take them to the recycle depot and we’re going to try a little bit harder.  We’re going to get up and get moving, because exercise doesn’t always have to be planned.  We’ll walk to the store, we’ll have dance parties and heck, maybe one day we’ll even learn to play real tennis (I’m a little afraid of impaling myself with a racket).

Whatever it is that we can do we’re going to do it because we deserve more than that.  Our kids deserve more than that, and God made us smarter than that!

Have you seen Wall-E?  What are you going to do the make a change?