When I said “I Do”….

6 years ago when I said “I Do” what I meant was “I will”…

  • On the days when we’re laughing and the ones when we’re disagreeing, in the times when things aren’t easy and life feels hard, I will love you.
  • When the day’s been long, work was hard and you feel like breaking I will stand strong, and lift you up.
  • In the times when my heart is broken, when the tears can’t help but fall and crumble is all I’ve left to do, I will lean on you because you are my strength.
  • I will lift you to God in prayer, thank Him for the greatness that is US and beg Him each and every day for your safety.
  • Our children are our joy and I will do everything I can to raise them the way God asks us to, and to be women I know you’ll be proud of.
  • I will give it my all.  Whatever life places is our path, no matter what the task I will do it for you and I’ll try never to fail.
  • But when I make the mistakes I’m destined to make, I will say I’m sorry, it may not be everything but it’s all that I have.
  • Then, when it’s your turn to fall, I will forgive you.  None of us is perfect, and no one without fault – if God can forgive me, than certainly I can for give you.

6 years ago when I said “I love you” I meant it, but today I love you even truer.  Today when I say “I love you” what I mean is…

  • I love the sound of your voice as you hum to our girls at night.  You are an amazing father.
  • I love the way you put cologne on right before we go to sleep because you know how much I like it.
  • I love that you never complain about taking out the garbage or washing the van, even though if it were my job I’d complain (loudly)
  • I love that you listen, that when I talk and talk, and talk some more you listen.  You’re content to let me tell the same story or rant about the same thing and I appreciate it.
  • I love that while you’re a “Man of few words” the ones you do say mean something.  There is compassion, wisdom and passion in your words, however few they may be.
  • When my jokes are bad (or my gas for that matter), I love that you laugh.  Though I’ve yet to decide if the laughter is sincere or pity, I love that I can count on you for it anyway.
  • I love that in your arms I feel safe, in your presence I feel loved and in your gaze I feel beautiful.
  • With each grey hair you get more handsome, as the wrinkles come and the youth slowly fades from your face I love who you are and how you look, you are handsome.
  • I love that as my own hair greys (slightly) you love me back.
  • When you and I became “we” I discovered that the man I knew ran so much deeper than I thought, and I love that I’ve never found the bottom of you.  God’s made you great and I love that.

6 years ago when this road began, “The Story of 2 Stones…” lay unwritten and unknown.  6 years in to a story never ending I’ve discovered something we already knew… God planned for us to be together.  You were created to fit me, to be my match, my partner, my mate and I was made to be yours.  This life we’re living and the story we’re writing is infinate and Christ lead, I’m so glad to be writing it with you.

6 years ago today when you said “I love you” and “I do” what you really meant was…

“Ya that, what she said.”

Happy Anniversary Corey-Bear, I love you for a week past eternity!

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