Exciting News!

I have exciting news!  As of today, I’m the new author of the Health and Fitness section of the Kahoot Kids Blog!

As time wears on and workouts add up, I’m discovering that one of my true passions is living a healthy, active life and creating one for my family.  I spend hours diving into literature, listening to experts and doing my homework.  Education is the #1 way we can be experts on any subject and the best way to make sure we’re taking care of our families.

I am super excited to be able to share what I’m learning (and a little of what I think) with all of you!  You can check out the blog every Monday to find out what I have to say, read it, think about it and then please way in!

Today I’m talking about Nutrition Labels and why they are so important to ALL of us!

Flip the Box Over – Label Reading Simplified

And stay tuned, there are more great things to come – April is going to pack a great, BIG punch!