Stress = Baking Frenzy!

When I’m stressed, when everything gets too hard I tend to throw myself into the tasks I have to do.  If it’s housework instead of just cleaning the grout of the sinks and shower with a toothbrush I’ll also do the baseboards and hidden corners.  If it’s blanket making, I’ll rip through a pattern that would take me 2 months in 2 weeks (for fitting sleep to do it), if it’s my workout I’ll beat the snot out of my imaginary opponent in kickboxing or crunch my abs into spasm.

This past few months has induced all of those excessive behaviours at one time or another but most recently it’s been my time in the kitchen.  Cooking is a cathartic activity for me.  I LOVE to feed people, I LOVE to make healthy food, I LOVE to re-invent recipes and then I LOVE to give it away.

So this week, that’s what I did and because my girls are pretty awesome creatures they joined in too.

We made 2 batches of Whole Wheat Bread…

Then we did Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (twice)…

Snickerdoodles, because they are loved by someone…

Up next our ever popular Two Bit Brownies (again twice and these are the healthy version) and Then there was granola bars (twice again), a newly altered and fabulous recipe…

Can’t forget Granola…

Corey’s breakfast needs have increased so there was Breakfast Sausage Calzones….

And finally, Cinnamon Raisin Scones….

Um yes, it was a little excessive.  It’s about 12 dozen cookies, 12 dozen brownies and I didn’t count how many dozens of the rest.  A good portion of that was for gifts – but our freezer is full.

I have burns, dish pan hands and have swept the flour covered flour more than once.  I ate my weight in cookie dough, and each time I put sugar in my mouth now I kinda get nauseous.

It helped, a lot.  As did the sweet comments, emails and Facebooks from you guys.  I appreciate the love!  I don’t mean to be a whiner, I try very hard to keep it to myself and keep this here space about my family and the positive parts of life, but sometimes the “stuff” overflows.

We’ve had colds this week so there’s been a bit more time at home, a few more snuggles, a whole lot of snot and baking.  Please let me be clear the snot and the baking were not mixed, it’s safe!

How do you cope with stress?  I will begin sharing these recipes next week, which one should I start with?

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