This weekend we went home to Kelowna.  It’s been months upon months since we made the trek back to the beautiful OK and it was time we did that.  I spent all week a enormousness mess trying to get housework done, baking baked, worrying about travelling with AJ and watching the road/weather reports.  This province has seen its fair share of winter and stupid weather way beyond our regular “season” so I was slightly paranoid that Friday would come and we’d be in the middle of a blizzard.

Friday came, I got up right at 5am to workout (as did Bethany because “I’m so excited Mommy, MY BRAIN CAN’T SLEEP!”), we packed, we dressed, I organized food (so I could eat at least a little bit while we were gone) and we loaded the van.  Then there was the gassing of the van, the 3 trips to the potty, Corey came home and we were off.

The drive was beautiful!  Sunshine and dry roads – thank you Jesus.  We talked, we played and of course we had Starbucks – twice.

Our weekend, as always flew by in a blur.  I didn’t remember to pull out my real camera even once, but my memory is full of wonderful moments (and Instagram caught a few shots at least).

We got to visit with Grandpa Bert Friday night, share an ice cream treat and hang out.  The girls also got to exchange Christmas gifts with him that have been waiting since this year the Christmas season kinda of barfed chaos on this house and we hadn’t seen him yet. Audrey was over the moon when she opened her’s and found a “Mon-sir (monster) Truck” RC, and Bethany now has real, adult Walkie talkies – screeech!

Saturday was spent visiting the “Greats” grandparents and then handing out with Uncle Scott & Auntie Chelsea.  The girls spent hours upon hours playing with Chloe, chasing, laughing and maybe hiding a little.  (Audrey was tired and a little shy for some of the trip.  When she was, she’d either snuggle on my lap or hide her face in Bethy’s shoulder.)

Then there was dinner with Uncle Wyatt, shopping on Sunday (we scored big time on kid clothes – I boycotted the effort to get ME to try things on. “Too Busy”, “No time”, “I have to pee”…), lunch and the long drive home.

These trips home are always busy.  Jam packed full of new places, people to visit, new situations and long days.  All the things that often make for grumpy kids, things that leave you expecting the inevitable meltdown – “the moments” that all kids had.  We didn’t have even one of those this weekend.

Corey and I are so proud of the girls Bethany & Audrey are becoming.  They have wonderful manners, they were patient and kind with Chloe, they ate their meals without any fuss and aside from Audrey asking me 493 time “What time is it?” the drive both to and from K-Town was wonderful.  Their behaviour was impeccable and we couldn’t have been more happy!

God has given us beautiful, precious and flat out awesome little girls, ones who are quickly growing up.  And while I really wish some days that they could stay small forever, this weekend proved that there is joy in their growing up too – they were so well behaved and we were so proud!

5 thoughts on “Pride

  1. That's so great! I love when everything goes just so and you end up having a family weekend to remember. So glad you guys enjoyed your trip.

  2. We absolutely had a great weekend and yes we are BIG carseaters 🙂 If they said that our kids would be safer in a carseat until they were 92 we’d make ’em ride in one till they were 92.

  3. I know right?! We were laughing at how we may have had to stop for 3 potty breaks (because Momma’s bladder isn’t any bigger) but no diapers, bottles, spit up or screaming. SCORE!

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