Green Works Review & GIVEAWAY!

It’s not a secret that we are doing our very best to keep it “clean and green” around the Stone house.  We are constantly making changes to the food we eat, the products we purchase and the chemicals being brought into our homes.   The better it is for the planet and for our bodies, the happier I am.

That being said, we’ve also had to make sure these products work, especially the cleaning ones.  With everything we’ve been through with Audrey it’s important the our home be clean and as germ free as possible.  Sometimes all natural cleaners leave me feeling a little nervous, did they work enough?

Then I got the chance to try the line of Green Works products.  They are made up of plant and mineral based cleaning ingredients, are biodegradable, naturally derived and never tested on animals.  On top of all that the Green Works products clean with the same power we’ve come to expect from the people at Clorox!

We’ve given the dishwashing liquid, cleaning wipes, multi-surface cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, all-purpose cleaner and bathroom cleaner a try.  They’ve all performed very well, but a few of them really stood out to me as exceptional.

Dishwashing Liquid: I always get super dry hands after I wash dishes.  I have lotion by my sink, my chair, my bed and in my purse because my hands are always cracked.  After doing a LARGE load of post baking dishes I was able to dry my hands and carry on with my evening – without lotion!  My dishes were as clean as they always have been, the soap smelled lovely and my hands were soft and smooth.

Cleaning Wipes: I’m not really a fan of wipes, I feel like they add waste and are unnecessary.  The Green Works wipes however are compostable so they won’t be clogging up our landfills and they surprised me with their power.  After kneading a batch of whole wheat bread on my kitchen counter I had a bit of a mess to clean up.  If you’ve ever baked bread from scratch you know that as you knead bits of dough dry and stick to the flour and counter.  In the end you’re left scrapping the leftovers carefully from your counters and scrubbing away.  It’s tedious and annoying, or it was until I pulled out my Clorox wipes.  A few wipes of the counter and ALL THE DOUGH LIFTED OFF!  I was completely amazed, and thrilled!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Most toilet bowl cleaners have a really strong odor.  They make me weaze and always have me sending the girls from the bathroom to protect their lungs.  The Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner was the opposite, it’s smell was quite pleasant and thick gel cleaned all the “left overs” on inside of my toilet bowl off before I even got to scrubbing them.

The Green Works products have been able to given us the best of both worlds.  These products have given us the ability to kill the germs we are so desperately afraid of having in our home, while protecting our children and preserving our planet.  I would without a second’s hesitation suggest that each and everyone of you run out a buy some!

WAIT!  Before you run out the door I have two great opportunities to share with you!

The first is you could win your own Green Works Prize Pack!  Enter on the Rafflecopter form below to win!  Tell me what Your Favourite Green Works Product is or click the link and tell me What Green Works Product you can’t wait to try.  

Then since I know you’re not going to wait to find out if you won to start using Green Works you need to take note of these excellent Green Works Deals:


April- Products available may vary by store. 
o   Special 2-pack offer (All–Purpose Cleaner and Dish Soap) exclusively at Wal-mart for a great price!
o   Exclusive All-Purpose Cleaner refill only at Wal-mart location
o   April 14/15 Weekend – In-store educational demos. Learn more about the naturally-derived Green Works products in-store at participating Wal-mart locations.


April – Products available may vary by store.
o   Buy 2 Green Works products at Sobeys and receive 200 Sobeys Bonus points

London Drugs:

April – Products available may vary by store.
o   Green Works will be hosting a twitter contest at London Drugs where customers can tweet their favourite Green Works Product to #WinWithGreenWorks to a chance to win 1 of 5 $500 London Drugs gift cards 

And don’t forget to check out the Green Works Website for product information and money saving coupons!

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 Disclosure – I am participating in the Green Works program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of The Clorox Company of Canada Ltd

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  1. My favourite product is the dish detergent. I love the scent and it works really well too.

  2. I would love to try the Green Works multi-surface cleaner…it's what I use most in my home!

  3. My fave product is the concentrated all purpose cleaner…..just a capful in a bucket of water cleans forever

  4. I love the wipes because they are so easy to use and safe!

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