5 Random Things that Bug Me

Everybody has “stuff’ that is random and stupid but that totally drives them mental.  I do and I know YOU do to (even if you’re hiding behind the ugly 80’s curtain of “Peace Man, I love everything”).

Here’s 5 of mine:

5. People who Chew with their mouths open: Seriously guys I don’t need to see your food being chewed.  I also don’t need to see little food spit balls flying from your mouth or listen to the disgusting saliva sounds coming from your flapping gums.  Close your trap, chew, swallow and then you may speak to me.  Maybe.

4. The “Life is hard for me than you” game: Sometimes, life is hard. Period.  It doesn’t matter if it’s you or me living that life, it’s hard.  Hard is all relative – to the person, the situation, the emotions.  Please don’t tell me that it’s harder for you to lose weight than it was for me, that it’s harder to live my life than it is yours or a plethora of other things.  If it feels hard to you, it’s hard.  Likewise if it is hard for me, it’s hard (and let me tell you that weight loss was/is HARD).  Let’s just leave it at that.

3. People Who Move slowly:  I don’t care if you’re walking, driving (under the speed limit) or unpacking your groceries, do it quickly/efficiently.  Light a fire under it and LET’S GO!

2. The way certain men in my life eat fries: Their mouths are closed, it’s just a thing.  It’s stupid but it bugs me – so I either sing to myself or turn the TV up.

1. Clothes made from seedy baby mustard poop yellow: Once you’ve seen it once ( or worn the baby version – it leaks everywhere!) you’ll never forget it.  Every single time I see someone, usually a girl wearing that color all I can see is that nasty, ugly, SMELLY diaper and I’m appalled.  Let’s just kill that color all together.

These aren’t the serious things in life that bug me, just the picky little tiny things.  It’s also not the full list, but let’s not get too negative here.

Now that you know what bugs me.  What bugs you?

4 thoughts on “5 Random Things that Bug Me

  1. Haha, I am so totally with you on the “chew with your mouth open” one – it’s so gross :p . I have to say that people who are “energy plus” or “peppy” especially bother me when I’m tired or in a mood.

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