It’s a Bed and it’s big

A week ago Audrey made a decision, she was done sleeping in her “little” bed and was ready to move on to the Big Girl bed.  It’s been something she’s talked about on and off for a few months, but a milestone I was kind of looking forward to pushing off.

The move from a little bed to a big girl bed meant that the baby stage was officially over.  She will always be my baby, much like her rapidly growing big sister will always be my baby, but as these stages pass sometimes I feel a little sad.  Maybe it’s not sad that I feel, maybe it’s nostalgic.  They grow so fast. *sigh*

Anyways, she finally made the decision it was time to make the move, so we went shopping.  She chose a bed set, we bought sheets, we hunted down the right mattress and then we were ready.  Daddy was at work and I decided it was time to assemble the bed…

I am a carpenter’s daughter.  My Dad has built many beautiful homes, treasures and gifts over the years and I’ve not be oblivious to the things he does.  I know what a scroll saw is, and the purpose of a jigsaw, I know how to read a blueprint (sort of ish) and that rainscreen isn’t something you put over your windows to keep out rain.  I know the difference between a hammer and a screw driver (don’t ask me if it’s a Phillips or a Robertson, or a John Deere – I know which end goes in the screw…) and I’m pretty confident in my abilities to read directions.

I’m also stubborn and I was going to build this bed by myself.  The end.

Audrey and I set to work hauling out the heavy pieces and reading the mostly non-english instructions.  There was dropping of things, hunting for parts and maybe a little inner cursing when I dropped the headboard on my head, for the 3 time.  It took 1.5 hours (because we had to search for missing dowels), a whole lot of sweat, some blisters (Dear man who invented the Allen Key – you are a jerk) and then a whole heck of a lot of vaccumming, because once you move one piece of furniture and clean, you might as well move & clean behind it all.

Then we were done and this happened….

All of a sudden I had two big girls, in two big beds and I forgot about being sad.  They were happy and settled and it was good.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Bed and it’s big

  1. Love it! And the side by side beds are so neat. I would have loved to have a sister and be as close as your girls are. What a gift!

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