May the World see more than Beauty

My sweet girls, you are beautiful.  Your beauty is unique to each of you but it’s captivating, the sparkle in your eyes, the rainbows of colour in your hair and the joy in your smile leaves the world breathless.

As you grow and your beauty develops I pray that you become more to the world than the beauty on the outside.  We live in a time when women are told that their physical attributes, the “beauty” on the outside, is all that makes them beautiful – that’s a lie.  We read magazines that have pictures of women who aren’t real, who get up in the morning looking “normal”, but after 3 hours of hair and make up, 6 hours under intense lights and the scrutiny of a photographer’s great talent and 15 minutes under the scalpel of the photo editor – look like something no one will ever become, the dangerous definition of “perfect”.

We are told “this is beautiful, you should starve yourself to look like this.  Pay someone to cut into your already God made perfect body to fill it full of gel and chemicals because that will make you really beautiful” and far too often we believe them.  Then when all those things still don’t make us feel perfect in the eyes of the world we are defeated, we are destroyed.  They’re lying, it’s not true and trust me, you are so much more than the beauty that is skin deep.

When the world sees you, may they see more than beauty.  When someone is asked to describe you may they see the you that lives on the inside…

– May they find the strength that comes with a woman who know’s herself.  That comes with a strong relationship with God and a self esteem that is standing on a rock.

– May they find the compassion that you both posses.  As I watch you nurture your babies, or see you cry when your friend is hurt I see the amazing compassion within you both and all the places that compassion will take you.

– May they find the purity of your innocence.  I know as the years pass and you grow your innocence will slowly slip away, it’s all part of growing up.  But I pray that you hold on to some of it, because it’s beautiful in itself.  There’s no judgement in innocence, no criticism in your voice and no disdain in your eyes.  May that always be your soul.

– May the world hear the value in your words.  You are important, your words are important and may you always have the strength to speak your mind.  Choose your words wisely, our words are powerful tools and can hurt as much as they can help, so be careful.

– May they see the courage it takes to be different.  When the teenage years come, and peer pressure takes hold may you always have the courage to be you.  Anyone can be a follower, copying someone else is easy that’s why they call it cheating.  Being a leader is courageous, it’s a priveledge and it’s a responsibility.  Remember that you are setting the example for those around you, make sure you set one you’ll be proud of.

– May they laugh with the uniqueness of your spirit.  God’s given you a sense of humour and it’s wonderful.  Don’t let go of the ability to laugh, life get’s serious all too quickly – remember that laughter will one day keep you sane.

When the world looks at you my sweet girls may they find in you all the things I do.  May they find the strength, compassion and innocence that I see.  May they be captivated by your words, respect the courage it takes to be you and have the honour of hearing your laughter.  When the world looks at you may they see that God makes all things beautiful, all things lovely, all things perfect and you are no exception to that rule.  When the world looks at you may they see so very much more than your beauty.

7 thoughts on “May the World see more than Beauty

  1. Oh. Wow. This is a wonderful post. <3

    I worry about my boys too – I pray that they will not succumb to the societal and media examples of what a woman should look like and be like. That they will see beyond a body and see the soul.

    Thanks for posting.
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  2. Beautiful and I have no doubt that you will teach them to surround themselves with those who see their real beauty. We can't control what others think and do but we sure can limit our exposure to the toxic ones 🙂

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