The “Yes” Momma

Yesterday I was a “Yes” Momma.  Instead of doing chores I did kid stuff, instead of say “No” to some of the crazy kid ideas, I said yes.  Instead of stressing over the 482 things I needed to get done in the day, I put my laptop down and headed out with my ladies.

Yesterday was a good day.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m not a “Yes” Momma often.  It isn’t that I deprive our girls of having fun, or don’t spend time with them – those things I do, but they happen in the midst of the rest of life.   There are meals to cook, laundry to do, toilets that do not clean themselves (why is that?  Why can’t they be self cleaning, our ovens are) and outside jobs to do.   Then there is the whole I have a job outside of our home, plus online jobs and our days are busy.  It’s important for kids to learn that tasks need to be done, commitments need to be fulfilled and to have chores of their own – of that I am certain.  It’s just sometimes, it feels like I spend more time saying “No don’t do that”, “Please don’t climb on that”, “Don’t push your sister!” and “STOP TALKING FOR 2 SECONDS SO I CAN THINK!”

Sometimes I want to just be the fun Mom.  Sometimes I just want to enjoy our girls, to do the things I dreamed of doing and to spend the time with them that I fully believe they deserve.

Yesterday was one of those days.  We had lunch with Papa at work, we went to the park, we went wander-shopping, we played games, read stories and hung out in the backyard.  I gave in and made them noodle soup with leftover ham for dinner and didn’t give them heck for getting grass in the house.  We laughed and we tickled, they smiled and when I put Audrey to bed last night she gave me a big hug and said – “Thanks for a good day, Momma.  It was one of my bests”

So yesterday nothing much got done, and I didn’t have make-up on when Corey got home and there may have been a big, huge mess in the backyard.  And that’s ok.

There’s plenty of time for my chores, hours upon hours to teach them the life lessons of how to run a house and be proper ladies.  Yesterday I taught them a bigger lesson, yesterday they learned that Mommies do say “yes” and the world won’t end if you don’t make your bed (although I did kinda straighten it when we were up there…couldn’t help myself) and sometimes – girls just gotta have fun!

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  1. Ohhh so glad you guys had a fun day! Love the pictures. You are a good Momma. Love ya Grammy Happy Mother's Day!

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