Sometimes Dream DO come true!

Awhile ago I mentioned that there were things in my life I really wanted to see happen, dreams I had.  They felt far away, like something I’d never see happen – unattainable.  It felt something like being 13 singing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush dreaming of one day becoming Brittney Spears (praise the Lord that one didn’t happen!), a complete and utter impossibility.

You all lifted me up, in the manner that only the fabulous people of the internet (and real world) can do and I felt encouraged.  I still had no idea how to see these dreams into fruition, but I at least felt a little less like they were never going to happen.  I decided to pray about it and see what happened.

Then one of those dreams, just kind of happened.

After all the positive feedback I received in my comments about my healthy baking business idea, I decided to take it to Facebook and see what the rest of my non-blog reading friends thought.  The feedback there was just as good and I started to kind of sort of get excited.  I spent a little time working on cost/prices (read: 2 weeks of measuring & weighing ingredients, followed by groan math.) and then passed them forward to a few people, including my aunt.

Then I forgot about it.  I didn’t really thing anything would come of it, I mean who would find what I had to offer that exciting?  It’s just me, I’m not anyone famous or fabulous.  I’m just a woman who cares about fitness and nutrition, a Mom who desperately needs to feed her family as healthfully as possible and someone who wants to see people have the opportunity to do better for their families too – without going bankrupt.

On the morning I had to take Audrey for her EEG I got up early as usual and checked my email.  There, on a day that was insane and stressful for me was an email from a lady I didn’t know, asking if she could place an order.


She worked at the hospital with my Aunt, heard about my food (thank you Auntie Georgia for the rave reviews) and my “mission” and wanted to try us out.  It was like a huge adrenaline pump of excitement on a day that really needed it.

Fast forwarding a little I managed to get my new customer her order, a few more hours of testing, some time spent battling the creation of a Facebook Page (2 hours of work deleted because…well because Facebook was a jerk) and voila – Baking Life Healthy was born!

I didn’t expect much to happen right away, I mean nobody had tried my food, nobody really “knew” me, who’d want to place an order?

Boy was I wrong, in a matter of 2 days I had orders coming in and I was busy! YAY!!!  It’s been an exciting 2 weeks and it’s not looking like it’s going to slow down at all.  And ya know what?  I hope it doesn’t.

I love it!  I LOVE that I’m able to be in the kitchen doing what I love – creating healthy/healthier foods not only for our family but for everyone else too, I’m not adding chemicals, I’m not using garbage.  It’s clean, simple, wholesome ingredients baking things with love – feeding families like I’ve drempt of doing!  On top of it, I’m at home a little more, I’m always with my kids even when they’re at my parents’ business office with me but here is where my heart is.  Being able to be a mom in the midst of being a business woman – that’s what I wanted.

I can’t believe it happened.  All I can say is it had to have been a “God Thing”, when I prayed and asked Him for this, His answer this time was YES and I’m so thankful!

Thank you ALL for your support and encouragement!  Thank you for  not killing a delicate dream!  If you’re one of my customers, thank you for your orders I hope to serve you again soon!  If you’re interested in what we are, what we sell and how you can get your hands on some of the things we’re making – check out Baking Life Healthy on Facebook, “LIKE” us, and feel free to send in an order or as a few questions!

Sometimes, dreams really do come true!

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  1. Hurray! All the best as you launch your business 🙂 Can't wait to hear more about it as time goes on. Happy baking and congrats!

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