How did that happen?

Looking back through old phone pictures today I stumbled on these…

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by.  That’s Bethany at about 20 months and just 2 years old.  When did she stop being a baby?  When did that sweet little toddler who LOVED “Wady Bugs” and “Koo-La-Las” turn into this beautiful little girl who’s printing and learning to read?

I wish it would slow down.  I wish on the days that are good I could savour each moment just a little more, and on the days that are hard – I could remember that the hard days quickly become nothing more than a fleeting memory because the good is so much brighter than the bad.

I could spend hours wishing for those days to come back, or the moments to slow down but they won’t.  So instead of losing today wishing for yesterday, today I’m going to enjoy it.  Today I’m going to live in the moments, I’m going to try to forget the ones that are hard, laugh at the ones that are silly and smile at the sweetness of my Bethany.

Then I’ll love her, as hard as my heart will allow, I’ll kiss her goodnight and I’ll think back on the memories that were today.

7 thoughts on “How did that happen?

  1. Oh Bethany….you are growing so quickly dear girl. I love you little, I love you big… I love you through and always!

    Love Grammy

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