Whistling Dixie

Bethany has learned to whistle.  Not just a soft, air blowing noise thing.  No, this is a full blown, out loud whistle.  In one tone.  And she does it all the TIME!  I’m proud of her, but the thing is…

I hate whistling!

It grates on my nerves and it drives me mental.  I’ve been trying very, very hard to be patient with her whistling.  It’s a new skill and one that’s important she develop.  The problem is, I’m worried that if she keeps up this whistling along to every tune she hears, as she get’s dressed, while I’m talking – she’s not going to live long enough to see the benefits of it’s new development.

A few days ago while we were in the office, Bethany began to whistle.  The tone of the afternoon had been good, the kids were happy, as was I but I was also busy.  Our days in the office are a little stressful.  I’m trying to get my work done so I’m worth the money I’m being paid all the while taking care of our children, running in and out of the bathroom 73 times and sometimes even answering the phone in a coherent way.  It can get to me sometimes, and yesterday was sometimes.

So as her little, big whistle began I took a deep breath “In through your nose, out through your mouth”, then another “In through your nose, out through your mouth. In through your nose, out through your Mouth. IN THROUGH YOUR NOSE…. “ And that’s when it happened, I said this….

Bethany, if you don’t stop whistling Right Now I’m going to rip your lips of and smack you with them


The office was quiet for a moment and then all heck broke loose.  The girls doubled over giggling, my Mom stared at me in shock and then started laughing and I, well I regretted my words.  I knew, I just knew they were going to come back to haunt me.

Boy was I right!

For the last 48 hours every time the girls are in a goofy mood or Bethany begins to whistle one of them repeats the aforementioned phrase, either to each other, me or the nearest adult.

It’s not good.  It’s hilarious but it’s not good.  I need to work on this.  I’ve tried explaining it’s not nice, Mommy shouldn’t have said it, that can’t really happen.  It’s not sinking in and the trouble is – I kinda think it’s funny too.

Audrey can’t manage to say it right so she says, “I’ma gonna zip your lips and stick ’em with you”, while Bethany says “I’m going to rip your lips off and zip them up on you”.

The mix up with words, paired with the poor choice of phrasing on my part has tickled my funny bone and I’m working on changing it.  I’ll do better next week once it’s old and I don’t think it’s so funny any more.

So, in the meantime, if one or both of my children says one of those things to you (please, please may they NOT say it to others) please forgive me.  They are good girls, well mannered and sweet – it’s their mother who’s the problem.

2 thoughts on “Whistling Dixie

  1. This kind of thing happens to me ALL the time. It's me who is the problem, not the kids.

    I also find it funny.

    What's life if we can't find homour in the things we do that we probably shouldn't?

    Kami recently posted..June So Far

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